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Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by seth martin, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. seth martin

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    hey i was just wanting yalls opinion on those fold up rear mounted motor chain drive bikes....are they any good they seem different from any motorized bicycle ive seen they are pull start here is a link to one... this would be my g/f im gettin a beach crusier..thanks guys

  2. I couldn't tell you how they are,
    but they sure look cool....
    and us apartment dwellers could use something like that.

    I'd like to see a fold up chopper...
    Maybe my next project?
  3. seth martin

    seth martin Member

    good idea....i live on the beach so instaed of locking it up i can fold it up and bring it along
  4. grndslm

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    I'm jealous... lemme know how it works if ya do get it, tho.

    I paid $410 with shipping for this folding Downtube bike... but I'm gonna piece everything together myself. Harder, but prolly not better.

    I'm guessing the engine's sprocket is just laced onto the wheel?? And, people have said rear suspension isn't the best for rear-mounted engines, but hopefully these folks have a great design. Who knows?

    At least I have a 30 day money-back guarantee if I'm not happy. That's somethin' that's important for me.
  5. seth martin

    seth martin Member

    you have the same bike??
  6. grndslm

    grndslm Guest

    Nope... not the same bike. I got this bike:

    I think I made the right decision, but I can't lie... it woulda been nice to have all the parts pieced together for me...
  7. grndslm

    grndslm Guest

    I take it from this -- "Motor-drive freewheels when not in use. This allows for normal pedaling with zero added drag" -- that's pretty much the design I'd like if I'm reading it correctly. There are 2 freewheels, one for the motor & one for the pedals.

    That's really good, plus it comes with a half gallon gas tank.

    The only thing I don't like is that it only says 50mpg for a 33cc engine... it should be twice that, even for 20" tires.

    ??? I'd still really like to see it up close, tho... those pics are terribly crappy.
  8. seth martin

    seth martin Member

    im not getting mine completly assembled im putting it togehter that if i get that also looking at spooky tooths violation im not sure if i want rack or frame mounted so i gotsta keep readin...but as for gettin a bike already put together for my 1st bike i dont think its a good idea putting it together will let you get a feel for all the parts and what they do...what motor are you puttin on that bike?
  9. grndslm

    grndslm Guest

    Well, if you're going with a folding bike... you have to get a rack-mounted 2-stroke. Rack because it won't fold [easily] if it's on the frame, and 2-stroke because oil will leak out of the crankcase with a 4-stroke that is tucked in an RV or something. Also, if you ever wanted to bring the bike on a plane... they don't allow used 4-strokes to come on the plane for this very reason -- leaking oil.

    As for the motor I'm getting... it'd prolly be 30ccs to 40ccs, maybe even electric. I'd prolly go for the quietest engine I could find, really. For gas, I've heard of a Mitsubishi 42cc engine that's pretty quiet, but I'm sure it can't compare to a silent, brushless electric hub.

    I'm going to enjoy the 30day money back guarantee with the bike, and just pedal for the first couple months at least. Then I'll prolly get the Mitsubishi 42cc or an electric hub w/battery. I just wanna ride for now, tho!! Come on UPS!!!
  10. grndslm

    grndslm Guest

    BTW, if anybody plans on buying one of the Downtube bikes, they have a $20 sale. At checkout, type in "sale" in their coupon redemption thingy.
  11. seth martin

    seth martin Member

    yea i know that i dont want a folding bike in particular...although it is probably the one i am going with it seems like its a good deal its only $100 more than your and it has a motor...the only thing holding me back is how small the motor is it says top speed is 25 its not thats not fast enough i just like to know it can go faster and i kinda wanted a cruising speed of 25-30 but with this bike cruise will probably be 20...i dont think it is because of the small engine cuz i have read of ppls 33cc bikes doing 35 im guessing it is the 20inch rims but that means it will climb hills better right?
  12. seth martin

    seth martin Member

    i just called about them and the guy said the maker of the motor is "wind jammer" i think is what he said is this just some cheap motor that wont be any good?
  13. grndslm

    grndslm Guest

    I haven't been around here for much longer than you, but I hsaven't ever heard anything about a wind jammer motor. And once again, I can't lie... I almost like everything built together all at once for only $90 more. Even if it is only 60mph, It's a pretty d*am good deal either way. It just depends on what you want.

    But once again, I'd double check that there were two freewheels for the motor and pedalling chain.... like it says for "normal pedaling with zero wheel drag".... that's the key setup outta the box, tho you don't have multiple internal gearing in the hub with the downtube. But other people here don't like rear suspension with rack-mounts. So it's really up to the tradeoffs you want, etc..

    I certainly don't have all the answers, but again... maybe that company is on to a good design. Maybe it's cheap. I dunno where you wanna go because most options are too vage and unexplored at the moment.

    Let us know what you do, tho!
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  14. seth martin

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    yea i unerstand ita all riders opinion but from what i have read (alot) rack mounts seem to be the most reliable with the least amount of tinkering i can fold it up throw it in my trunk take it to the beach/vaccations...i have read alot about the oils as long as they are syn. does it not matter is there a particualr brand i should use?
  15. grndslm

    grndslm Guest

    Here... I copied this from a GopedNation thread:

    And I wouldn't put too much worry into brands. Just pick somethin' and pour!
  16. seth martin

    seth martin Member

    It will be here Monday!!!:grin:
  17. Alaskavan

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    grndslm, The ad says 50 miles per tank (.5 gal.) = 100 mpg.
    Seth, I vaguely recall someone dealing with this vendor. It seems like they were satisfied. Most of that style motor use one of 2 centrifugal clutches. The larger and better one is (I think) 73mm. If that is what the bike in the ad is running, there's a good chance that if the 33cc isn't powerful, or reliable, enough, a Mitsubishi, Robin/Subaru, or Tanaka would bolt on. If the top speed isn't enough, and you have more than enough bottom end power, you could probably change engine sprocket size (might require lengthening the chain, and possibly modifying housing.
    Hope this helps. The price seems reasonable.
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  18. grndslm

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    Wow... I looked at that at least 3 times, and can't believe I didn't see it say per tank.

    Yes it does. Please let us know how you like the bike, Seth. And definitely give us lots of hi-res pictures to drool over!!
  19. seth martin

    seth martin Member

    yea i def. will im really excited about it....hope there is no b/swith delievery
  20. hunter45440

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    I have been fallowing this thread and am also eager to see more pics and maybe a short review on how this item performs for you.