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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by laugh, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. laugh

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    There are many problems that crop up in life. Recently, I started thinking about a good way to solve some of these problems. A motorized folding bike. The ability to take a MAB with you on vacations or long bus or train trips would be interesting. To this end, I recently got a Columbia folding bike on Craigslist (pic below). This bike seams extremely durable and reliable and for the last few months I have ridden it around my neighborhood quite a few times. Here is where I hit a snag. I have no idea if its possible, or advisable, to mount a engine on a folding bike. Has anyone done this before? If so what worked for you?

    My idea behind this build is to use a two stroke friction drive kit, something simple would be best I think. It dose not need to go over 25 mph but I would like good fuel economy. As well as weight light enough to make folding and lifting it easy. This bike came with hi end front and rear fenders as well as a rear rack so if I can month on the front wheel that would be perfect, but its not a deal breaker.

    Tell me what you think and what kind of kit would be best for this project I have never ordered and friction drive before so I don't know where to start.

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  2. Saddletramp

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    Great idea, one problem, no train. bus. airplane. camel/ will let you put gasoline powered bike on there craft. 4500 Diesel, 14,600 lbs JP6, Hey. On board their travel tools. One Quart of 2 stroks mix scares them.
  3. laugh

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    I am sure you are correct. With transportation laws being what they are I would be shocked if it was any different. that being said I did ask a buss driver I know and apparently so long as the engine is drained of gas and oil you can transport it. I also know that Amtrak will transport bikes and scooters for a price. Even If none of these where possible this idea would be good for RV users and truck drivers or anyone that lived in an apartment.
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    Our Metro Buses don't have a problem and encourage bicycles, no mention of MB's they don't know about them, I have used a Metro bus once, to take the bike to town to show ex-work buddies and rode home.
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    I'd seriously think about a friction drive kit on the front or back wheel, and some sort of strong canvas bag to put the folded bike into.

  6. laugh

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    That was my idea as well, just looking for a compatible kit. Do you know what kit that is it the picture? Thanks for the responses guys please keep it up.
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    If you want to take it with you on public transportation, I would spend the extra money for an electric kit. A cyclone kit or a rear hub motor would do it. I've seen plenty of electrified folders on endless-sphere.
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    The kit shown in the pic is a "Dimension Edge" shift on the fly FD.It's light and right up your alley.I don't like the idea of an aluminum drive, but haven't heard of any problems, other than it may have a few too many moving parts.Any FD would do.Be careful if you're gonna do traveling with it, the Gestapo,... I mean the TSA are in every form of public station now.
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    Thanks gremlin. Ill look it up.