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  1. mattoo

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    Hi, introducing myself here.
    My name is Matt. I've pretty much decided on a 49cc 2-stroke from Dax. I will be looking for some kind if upgraded muffler to keep the neighbors happy. My biggest question will be what size gear to use to make it up the 3 or 4 BIG hills on the way to work. I'm not too concerned with top-end speed.
    This seems like a great resource for help.


  2. Mountainman

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    happy neighbors

    welcome Matt

    keeping your neighbors happy seems to be a good idea
    with a 2-stroke upgraded (for noise) muffler you may loose a little power
    but -- keeping peace in the neighborhood I think is important
    not sure about the laws where you live
    but -- the pooolice seem to pay less attention with less noise also

    not sure about your gearing issue
    but -- someone will respond soon I am sure

    have fun as you ride that THING
  3. bluegoatwoods

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    Hi Matt and welcome.

    I ride a Dax 49cc and I've found that the stock muffler is plenty quiet enough. In fact, I was surprised at just how quiet it was. And the stock 44 tooth drive gear has all the hill-climbing power that I need.

    There's a grade that I climb everyday. It's long. It's not the steepest in the world. But, for instance, among the pedalling crowd only serious riders actually ride it. Most people get off and push. So, you see, we're talking about a fairly serious hill.

    I weigh 175 lbs. I also have a cargo trailer. At times my cargo load approaches 100 lbs.
    I still zip right up that hilll with my stock 49cc set up with no problem at all. I don't have a speedometer. But I believe I've approached 25 mph, judging by the cars passing me.

    I'd guess that the stock set-up will fit the needs you described in your post.

    We'll be interested in hearing about your build and your rides and other such stuff.

    so we'll see you around.
  4. srdavo

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    Dax has 48 & 56 toothed rear sprockets.

    I use 48 toothers on my 48cc engines & I weigh 240#. these struggle a bit on the 2 man-made hills here in town. (railroad overpasses)

    the 56 tooth ought to climb trees!!!

    note: if I had lots of hills, I would upgrade to the 65cc engine.

    Welcome to MBc!
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  5. hill climber

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    i had a 56 tooth sprocket on my 26" mountain bike and top speed was around 20-22 mph, but would climb any hill.
  6. mattoo

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    Thanks, I won't bother setting things up with the 40-something tooth jobber that comes with most kits.
  7. mattoo

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    I am considering the 65cc kit, but I want to go legit, and here in PA all motorized bikes need tags and insurance. Under 50cc and I get a moped license and don't need an annual inspection. If I had a 65cc I'd be titled as a "motor-driven cycle" and subject to annual safety inspection. I guess with the lack of markings on the engines I could try to get the paperwork though as a 48cc- as long as the mechanic who has to turn in the paperwork isn't too savvy about small motors.