For motor bicycler's a good source of parts and accessories

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  1. Going tomorrow Saturday 4/30/2016 to purchase some accessories from Custom Motored in Greendale, WI. Had a nice visit with Lynn on the phone this afternoon. I will give a full evaluation soon. The web site is very good and soon to be up graded. (Disclaimer, I am not in any way financially or commercially involved with business) that said I do when able service local business.
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    I recently spoke with her on the phone as well. I was looking to order some wheels and called just to check it out before I order any. She was very helpful and let me know that her new website will be called and is functional but still under construction. I was impressed and will definitely be ordering my wheels from
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  3. Interesting experience today, I purchased a laced up front wheel and hub disk brake ready, a sprung seat post, and 3 spring leather saddle from Lynnette Rietzke of owner of . Very nice lady, super smart mechanic. I did a local pick up from her home Greendale , Wisconsin so I saw maybe a dozen of her builds. Lynn said she has built about 300 Huffy-Davidson's and decry's the Huffy as not up to her standards and from the work exhibited I do not doubt. Lynn now uses the Worksman Cycles as the platform for her builds and I cannot refute her reasons to use them. One notable aspect is the longer wheelbase, some 50” axel to axel.

    As I purchased a front wheel w/hub to accept a disk brake disk from her I was supprised to see 80% of her builds sported drum brakes. Her reasoning (sound) was the drum brake is more than sufficient and quiet too! Wished it wasn’t raining so I could have had a test ride. The latest of Lynn’s builds is pure perfection to my thinking, it has her arched chain tensioner, Her proprietary clam shell- sprocket assy. , rear free wheel, and front telescopic fork with drum brake.

    Lynn also has a local CNC machine shop making clam shell sprocket mounts of 7075 T6 and sprockets of the same. Amazingly Lynn asks no more for a superior product than those offering less durable!
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    looks to be pre-2012 kits (without balanced crank) and only narrow front mounts available - these older 'boneshaker' kits are usually under or at $100 on ebay - unless their page is just out of date
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    Yeah, I wasn't too impressed with the engine kits but the selection of wheels is excellent.