FOR SALE - 2007 Whizzer NE5 - Like New [SOLD!!]

Hi everyone. Well, it looks like I am going to be parting with my beloved Whizzer. My wife has been getting more and more concerned with me having a Whizzer and having two little children. So rather than not ride it or argue when I want to ride it, I am going to sell it to someone who can appreciate her.

Here are the specifics:

2007 Whizzer NE5 bought from Truett and Osborne Harley Davidson new by me in Wichita, Kansas.

I am including two pictures - the before and after.

The before is a stock black Whizzer with chrome fenders.

Here are the modifications I made to the Whizzer:

1. Added puncture resistant Halo Twin Rails white tires with black walls
2. Puncture and thorn resistant tubes
3. Black front and rear fenders
4. Springer solo seat
5. Beach style handlebars
6. Leather bar bag
7. Leather seat bag
8. Opened the restrictor plate to match the carb intake
9. Replaced the 18mm carb with a 22mm carb
10. Added an aluminum manifold from Whizzer - but cut it in half, tapered and polished per Quenton's recommendation - this dissapates the heat greatly.
11. Added K&N air filter
12. Replaced fuel lines and clamps and added coiled wire guards over the fuel lines
13. Used blue Loc-Tite to keep screws from vibrating loose

The top speed for me stock was 32 MPH. I was very, very careful not break in the Whizzer properly so the rings would seat properly - varying speeds and not opening her up. I did this for the first 500 miles.

I also performed routine maintenance - changing the oil at recommended intervals as well as changing the fuel filter after the first 500 miles.

After the upgrades she now has a top speed of 42 MPH.

I have all of the original parts in pristine condition on a shelf in my garage:

Seat, chrome fenders, original handlebars, original tires and tubes, and original carb.

I just got her ready for the riding season - I took her out of the garage and put fresh gasoline in - I opened the petcock and let the fuel flow. She started right up after a few pedals.

I purchased my Whizzer brand new on April 4th, 2008. Right now there is 1134 miles - just broken in and ready to ride!

With the upgrades and purchase price I have $1800 in her. I am asking $1000.

I am willing to accept PayPal - no additional cost to you - I know sometimes people charge 3% extra - I don't like to do that personally. I am a verified PayPal user and I am also an eBay user with nearly 10 years on eBay and a perfect feedback rating of 100%.

My eBay user ID for reference is: staticandsilence

My PayPal ID for reference is: hanashibugeisha @ cox . net

You can also reach me at 316-371-0961 between 8 AM and 9 PM CDT with any questions.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my sale.

Best regards,

Matthew Ash
Wichita, KS


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Priced Lowered

Hi all. I originally posted at $1300 obo. I thought I would lower it to my lowest price - $1000. I am taking a big loss - $800. But every day I keep it is a day I want to ride it and another arguement with my wife....sigh.

Thanks all,


You can call me at 316-371-0961 with any questions!
The only e-mail I received was from a person named Bert. I did respond to that e-mail. I checked my spam filter and no other e-mails were found. Odd.
That was me...checked here at work...did not look at my e-mail.
I will check with my buddy about the chances of him going thru your area.
BTT - started off at $1300 and dropped to $1000 - for some who have sent me messages, I cannot go any lower and feel good about it (eg. "Will you take $300 and vintage bicycle") and I am not looking for trades - but I do appreciate the offers.

It's practically brand new and runs like a top =) Thanks for your consideration, all.

Best regards,