For Sale: Bobber/cafe/board Tracker

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by skrew37, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. skrew37

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    Hi guys. I'm trying to sell this.. 67cc motorized bicycle. custom build with chopper fork, dropped seat, boost bottles, scratch built: cdi, clutch pulley, headlight and mounts, custom exhaust. front disc brake, rear caliper brake. primo hollowbite cranks and bottom bracket, clubman handlebars, upgraded throttle and cable.. top speed approx. 40mph...serious inquiries... I live in western pa (Pittsburgh)..

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  2. joerio

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    how many hours/miles? and how much $ do you want for it? it looks nice.
  3. skrew37

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    Well, I built this last year and have been tinkering with it off and on until I got to this point. I took it for a few hour or so rides and some quick little 20min rides... I live in an area with too many hills for this to be really fun for me. That, and I got a "new" car that I'd like to invest my time and money in (time for a new hobby I guess) Plus, this just sits in my kitchen...I'm willing to entertain offers for a price. I probably put at least $800 in this, but I don't expect to make that back (would be nice to come close though, you know?)...I dunno..What's fair?
  4. alpha

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    how did you make the cdi? do you have schematics
  5. vermhot

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    Nice Wished I lived closer man !!!!
  6. Joshuacool

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    U take 500? Is It a steel frame