For Sale: Currie 24vt Electric Scooter motor and electronics

Hello Everyone.
I have the motor and all the electrical parts from a old Currie electric scooter. It all worked before I put the scooter in storage. I didn't test it before I tore it apart.

I think the motor is a 300watt. Has all the parts, mounting plate, chain, one way drive sprocket on motor, drive sprocket, wiring harness, throttle, key switch (Lost key a long time ago), charger, the 2 original batteries and a spare werker. The only bad is the batteries are old and probably dead and the charger is missing the cable. Its a standard style appliance cord that goes from the wall outlet to the charging unit.

I was planning on making a friction drive electric assisted bicycle, so I had the peg off of a BMX bike. Its included, maybe you can use it as the drive drum thing...

I was hoping to get $60 for it +shipping? Open to offers.
PM me or Email me if you have any questions.

Now for the pics...



Flat rate shipping, and my super packing skills :rolleyes:

Take care everyone.