For Sale: EZ Motorbike Silent Drive (Manual Clutch) w/Huasheng 49cc 4 stroke

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    For Sale: Reduced: EZ Motorbike Silent Drive kit with 49cc 4 stroke: Reduced: $490

    I have a new-in-the-box EZ Motorbike (Made in the USA) Manual Clutch "Silent Drive" kit.

    This is a complete kit with the Huasheng 4 stroke, Universal engine mounting plate, and all the related bits needed to motorize a bike. US engineered and built.

    No Gear noise, durable Belt primary and full control of your engine power engagement/disengagement (unlike automatic clutches). Can also change internal pulley size to change the drive ratio if you need to pull a heavy load or climb lots of big hills.

    $600 list; First $490 plus shipping gets it.

    Brian in Austin.
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    Price reduced to $490

    Now $490 plus shipping. Goes on ebay tomorrow.