For Sale: Fully assembled MB with staton gearbox, Honda 50cc, dual suspension

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  1. I am selling my MB because I have too many irons in the fire and I need more space. I enjoyed riding it very much. This bike was built to be functional and dependable. I trusted it enough that I seriously considered a cross country trip with it. The frame is a Mongoose XR-100 mountain bike ($150) which has been converted to a front wheel drive recumbent. It has the Staton gearbox and Honda's GXH50 4 cycle 50cc engine with Staton’s custom rear hub ($900). There are many features I have added:

    1. High Intensity discharge light (absolute must for night riding...literally gives you more bang for your buck!! Cars actually wait for you to pass!! Good for over 1000 hours…I’ve got maybe 30 hours on it) $150

    2. Chain tensioner (see picture) $20

    3. Cruzbike conversion kit (this makes the bike a recumbent and is MUCH more comfortable to ride. You can spend all day in the saddle w/o fear of a sore butt! This one the #1 best thing I did to improve riding comfort. No more tired arms, wrists or butt. $450)

    4. Extra fuel tank $30

    5. Turn signals/flashers $40

    6. Pannier to go under the seat. (Holds all of my tools, 1 slime thick inner tube, one standard inner tube, sunglass case, flashlight, etc.) $20

    7. Fenders $20

    8. Support stand to hold back of bike upright when working on the rear wheel.

    9. Rock Shox front fork $150

    The bike will also come with:
    1) 12 volt 7 Ah battery - This battery was able to power my headlight for over 2 hours $35
    2) 12 volt 12 AH battery $35 (both batteries are barely used…maybe 6 charge/discharge cycles)
    3) digital speedometer $15
    4) 4 new bearings for the staton hub (the bearings aren't even close to worn out but just in case) $8
    5) 3 new super duty clutch shoes for the staton gearbox and gxh50 motor combo (the last time I checked the clutch it only looked a hint used) $25
    6) a 22 tooth drive sprocket for the gear box. This gave me a top speed of up to 40 MPH depending on conditions $14
    7) an extra drive sprocket for the hub (3/16 not 1/8 to last longer)$14
    8) an extra length of chain to replace the one which is on there $5
    9) some hardware from the cruzbike conversion which wasn't needed
    10) an extra seat bracket for the cruzbike seat base (the original was defective but works fine which is why it hasn't been replaced yet).
    11) Service manual for the GXH50 $30
    12) the original front rim for the bike

    Other notes of interest: The bike was well maintained (I have a servicing schedule), the motor only has about 180 hours on it (metered) and all of the bearings in the gearbox have been changed (the reason I put on the tensioner). The fuel economy was never less than 150 MPG and was usually around 175 MPG FULLY LOADED with extra bags and A LOT of extra weight. The motor handled it with ease. With a light load I was getting 190 MPG. It currently has a Schwalbe Marathon XR rear tire and a Schwalbe Marathon Plus front tire. Both tires have given me outstanding performance and mileage. Flats were few and far between with these tires. The front tire still looks brand new and the rear tire still has a lot of miles left. At a guess maybe 1000 or more.

    I think this is all of the big stuff.

    I've got well over $2000 into it. I won’t even begin to try to break it down for delivery and I have no idea what freight charges would be like shipped assembled. I will deliver for free within a 100 mile radius of my home (northeast North Carolina). If you live further out we can probably arrange something if you pay my traveling expenses (gas mainly)…I’m always good for a road trip to just about anywhere :grin5: and it would be a great opportunity for me to show you around the bike. Let me know if you have any questions.

    Asking $1600. Make an offer! All reasonable offers considered.

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