For sale: Greenline with Dax 65

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  1. Built this in early 08 with the intention of commuting to work on it, but more just putzed around town on it, which always always turned heads. it probably has maybe 60 miles on it, if that. runs good, you can see the build pics and complete pics are here:

    please note that the seat post has been replaced with the stock one from greenline, the one pictured bent on me, and thus is no more. the bike has a 3 speed internal rear hub with a coaster brake, and the rest of the controls are set up just like a motorcycle: left clutch, right front brake, rear back brake. this was done intentionally. engine has been painted and shaved, most bolts have be replaced with stainless allen heads, all engine studs have been replaced with stainless as well..

    i currently just have too much stuff in my garage and need to make some room. also included are original forks and fenders. hard cost to build was around $775, plus my and the painters time, make me an offer!
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    Asking price?