for sale in Northern VA

hahaha ... forgive the somewhat basic comparison to a weed trimmer - the ad was writen for general consumption and not just the diehard enthusiasts - on a different note, a friend of mine is looking into a Titan kit - I know you just built one - how is it ?

PS ... anyone on these boards who is intereted in my bike who is local to Northern VA ? I am negotiable - you all know what we're dealing with but most folks will just knock down my bike without basis looking for a bargain like it's a sport - if you want it and can come an get it - tell me what you want to pay (please be reasonable) and we can work it out.
Duane from Dax actually built it with some assistance from me. It was an awesome experience. I swear by this kit. Best kit I've ever bought as of yet and I bought a Happy Time too and...that's about it. :D

But yea. after today's ride it should have 550 miles on her by now. Tomorrow is another 50 to 60 miler. I'm not even worried about making it like I used to worry with my Happy Time.
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I just put the ad in Craigslist 3 days ago so it is still for sale. I have received several inquiries but I do not have time to show it till the weekend so I still have it. I hope it does not rain ...

The bike isnt new so adjust your expectations and visually not anything exciting but it is fully functional and performs as intended. Aside from making sure all nuts and bolts are tight (the motor's vibrations require you to be vigilant for the sake of safety) and that you have fuel in the tank and air in the tires - it's the same maintenance as any bike. I have my hands full as a daddy of two kids so I'm busy after work on most afternoons/evenings - best bet is to try and arrange a test ride on the weekend but only in good weather. I will make myself available to you if you are serious (cash in hand) and want to ride it this weekend.

there are TONS of used bikes selling for way more then mine on Craigslist and Ebay - but none of them will allow you to go as fast as this and not even break a sweat ... if you want to sweat and care to pedal along - you may - improving both it's acceleration and increase your fuel mileage - hahaha - sad to say but above 20MPH, it becomes a bit difficult to pedal as fast as the motor (unless you change front sprocket/gears/rear cassette) so pedaling in the 25MPH to 30MPH range becomes just a little silly unless you're bionic and named Steve Austin

Where are you coming from ?
I could meet up this weekend saturday or sunday, i think it is suppose to be ok weatherwise, i live in harrisonburg,va zip 22801, the bike being flashly isnt a issue, im building a felt bikes crusier, but its so nice i dont want to drive it everyday or anything.
well then , this might be just the right bike for you - it's functional and fun and comfy - it being a mountain bike ensures compatibility if you decide to change seat/handlebar/rims & tires later on to make it "yours" - in the mean time, it starts every time (even after long winter hibernation) and has not had any real issues. I have a play date to bring my son to early Saturday morning and I'm donating blood at Red Cross early on Sunday - the rest of the weekend has not yet been spoken for so let me know what time and which day and I'll see if I can be available ...