For Sale NJ : Max Tourqe SS 1234 clutch $25

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by WhizBangAndy, Aug 14, 2010.

  1. WhizBangAndy

    WhizBangAndy Member

    Greetings All!

    Came across this on my shelf in the garage while cleaning out the cobwebs (amongst other Back from my Go Cart days its an unused clutch for a 3/4" shafted engine that accommodates a #35 chain with a 12 tooth sprocket. Could make an interesting front or rear drive kit with minimal parts and the sprockets are readily available.

    Not much else to say but its only $25 since I could use a tank of gas more than this If shipping is needed it will be extra and shipped from 08069 via Priority USPS.


  2. WhizBangAndy

    WhizBangAndy Member

    Wow! Nobody interested? How about $20 ??
  3. Wheres my dog

    Wheres my dog New Member

    I would definitely buy it if it was of the 5/8" shaft variety!
  4. WhizBangAndy

    WhizBangAndy Member

    Thanks for the reply!

    If it was that size it would have never got posted since I would consider a Harbor Freight 2 HP engine as my next Heck you could motorize a bike with a 4 stroke for almost the same price as a HT kit with this clutch..:cool: