For sale staton outside drive kit

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  1. for sale staton outside drive gear box with mounts, chain, free wheel and staton heavy duty axle laced to a wienman rim with 12 gauge spokes[wheel built by staton]. No throttle cable. $225.00 plus shipping. Pay through pay pal.
    I'm a verified Pay pal member

    Also expansion chamber exhaust that will fit a Tanaka 40cc used very little.
    $50.00 plus shipping pay thru pay pal

    two gebe belt rings $20 each two gebe clutch engine mounts for larger clutch $35 each one gebe axle mount $25 Several belts $10 each. Plus shipping on these gebe parts

    Email me at

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    I might be interested in the gebe belt ring and belt. How much to ship 64055.
  3. staton sold

    staton unit is sold