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I'm putting Bad Bob up on the ebay block next week. Any serious offers considered. Check him out here.

This bike cost over $2000 to build. Quality powder coated, all triple chromed, 7 speed Nexus hub, (works with the engine or pedals or both) Mitsubishi 43, Staton 8 to 1 gearbox, Shimano Hydraulic disk brakes, Aluminum alloy dagger wheels.

There is a detailed build here.

Zomby Built for Quality. No other bike like it in the WORLD!!
Zomby,whoever you sell that bike to will be one happy guy.

I want to say sell it for 2 grand but 1,800 may be more reasonable.

Man. That bike is priceless,man.
Hot ****!

Nice build Zombie! I am in the process of a similar build, but am trying the GEBE with a Honda GXH50.

Where did you get those rims? Do they hold up a lot better than any size spokes?



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yes they are CNC wheels, aka stronger than spokes, motorcycle or bicycle.... just look at them
Thanks, Stryker. I ran a search for 'CNC wheels' and couldn't come up with anything. Is that the brand name? If you could send a link, that would be great. Sorry for the ignorance.

CNC is a computer controlled machine that can custom cut a wheel design. In this application its usually used in custom wheels for cars and motorcycles. I think he said the were 400 a piece. But man do the look sweet. Your not ignorant, just learning.

Yes those are CNC milled out of AL alloy. You can get them from a company in AZ called Quickspeed.

They have several different styles all for around 400 per wheel. The rear wheel has a Nexus 7 speed hub built right into it. Nice, but kind of heavy. This bike is the reason I went to hydraulic disk brakes. You can lock up that 3inch tire no prob if you want to. Still for sale but after paying 350 for triple chrome everywhere, and another 1000 for these wheels, and another 250 for brakes, 160 for powder, 400 from Staton for the Mit 43 & gearbox, and at least 150 hours of my time I have to get at least 2000 for it. Looks like I may have to keep it. Oh well, The cost of a build like this is outrageous. Good thing I have a day job!! I just like building these things.

It is geared perfectly. Goes up the steepest hill with ease & tops out about 40 mph. DMV registered as a moped in CA.
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