for sale

so its come down to it. im way to broke and need to get a car. so i have to sell one of my bikes. i want to sell it to someone who knows there way around theses bikes like i do to keep it in good shape.
im asking 600. right now i have to put a new 3rd weel on it and new tubes. but other then that it runs great. sidecar is sturdy and strong. you can ride another person in it no problem if they arnt fat. it now has a high speed sproket and gets up to speeds between 35 and 40. send me an email at



glad to see you around, bird...

i put this in the member's buy/sell/trade to give them first shot...if it don't pan out we'll give you a sticky for a while in "pic gallery" so the general public can see it. that cool?

'luck 8)

ps-are you accepting reasonable offers from members?


If you ride it to my place I'll give you $500 ;)

Very cool, can you pm some detailed pics/measurements on the side car?... or are there pics somewhere on the site?


i built it to fit in tucson bike lanes. which are 5 feet on most roads in town. the bike and sidecar is about 4 and a half feet.. very smooth ride. pretty light with sidecar. just an all around well built bike.