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    Many of us at MBc, if not most of us have what's called an "80cc" engine on our bicycles. By what I have gathered here, the "80cc" is much more in demand than the 49cc by far. It seems actually few are under 50cc.

    Also, what that means is most motoredbicycles are over the engine cc limit of many jurisdictions. What would you do if some cops caught on to that? There's many "80cc" being faked as 49cc. I'm still sure they cannot prove the cc's of the engine with what tools they have available.

    However, I have an idea. What if more laws supported 80cc engines? I know it's not changing soon, or anything, but I wanted to bring up a conversation topic.

    Also to add, I'm sure you could even take an 80cc engine and de-stroke it down to 50cc, which proves you cannot tell the displacement difference from the outside.

    In your opinion, Is it better to get the law to support the most common size of bicycle engine, or is it better to pass them off as 49cc since there's really no way to tell the difference?

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    I say keep 'em legal. I too have thought about descuising an 80 for a 50. But....what if they had reason to impound your bike and really checked out the engine, and you got caught ? And what about the GP460, which is what, 47cc and puts out like 5 HP ? I think you're more apt to get caught with an over sized engine than you are with a smaller high out put engine. IN S. Carolina the law says the engine can be no more than 50cc and nor more than 2hp. I just know I've never seen the inside of a jail cell and I don't want to start now !
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    I'm sure if your bicycle was impounded, you would have much more to worry about than engine displacement. :ee2k:
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    Why are you helping to perpetuate the 80 cc myth / lie ?
    I see you are putting it in quotes........

    The biggest Chinese 2 stroke motors I have ever seen or heard of have been ~66 cc

    Grubee 2 strokes have a plate on the side of the sprocket cover that states the CC
    and HP and the boxes are accurately labeled as well as the EPA label
    The HP #'s are exaggerated....

    The plate could be removed very easily......

    de-stroking an 80cc engine down to 50cc Would Not Work as it would
    totally screw up the port timing, etc
    They are not 4 strokes .....

    It is true that 66 cc outsell the 50 cc by a large margin but a
    lot of that is due to more of the usual mis-information.

    California law says absolutelty nothing about CC's
    just 2 BHP or under
    and a 136 cc 4 stroke Whizzer is a legal motorized bike in CA
    believe it or not.

    However many States have the 50 cc law and that is one of the many
    reasons EZ Motorbike went with the 50 cc 4 stroke

    A few States like Washington have a 35 cc law

    2 strokes are a dead / dying engine type that will be outlawed some time in
    the very near future starting in CA.

  5. ZnsaneRyder

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    I put it in quotes because I wanted to cover all "80cc" engines, without having to state the actual cc's, as NONE of them are actually 80cc, but they sure are over 50cc.

    "80cc" can mean 66cc 2-Stroke HT, or 79cc HF 4 stroke, or any other so-called 80cc engine that may emerge. I just wanted to make discussion because HP legality and motor size gets mentioned a lot, but yet most here are over 50cc, and more and more the larger over 50cc engines are becoming popular, so I was considering the idea of it being legally supported, or if it even really matters.
  6. BSA

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    grubee engines are 67cc and dax engines are 69cc. I call them 70's. Dont forget Dax sells a 65cc engine, and other vendors sell 60cc engines.

  7. FightForTheCause

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    Man, don't worry about the cc's. Everybody makes a big stinkin deal about laws, cc's, HP, and speed, when they should worry more about just riding safe.

    Safety and not crashing or falling off your bike matters more than that other stuff.

    Just make that engine appear as legal as possible, and be smart, and don't go fast in densly populated areas, or around cops. Keep the speed and high RPM's for the highway, and slow down in town, and you will be alright.
  8. SimpleSimon

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    In my opinion, the biggest single enemy of the motorized bicycle is rider behavior, and NOISE.

    Sure, lots of gearheads love that 2-cycle sound, but I gotta tell you, to the folks whose home windows vibrate in sympathy as you pass it is nothing but screamimng obnoxious noise.

    You want to stay under the radar? Muffle that thing! Effectively! You ride along, with your exhaust pointed out and down, helmet on, and think, "Man, this is sweet! Hardly loud at all!" Meanwhile, as you motor past granny on her porch, or Joe the accountant down the street mowing his lawn with his electric lawnmower (cause he don't like the noise, you know) you are irritating the living daylights out of them, and scaring small children at play.

    Lots of folks don't care if you ride, so long as you ride responsibly, but they do care if your ride is LOUD. I have a new neighbor, rides a large old Norton bike. Beautiful machine, but as he has it piped it is very, very loud indeed. So, Friday, I knocked on his door, and had a short conversation about his habit of revving the bike before pulling out of the lot, and at the corner in front of my apartment on the street. A civil and reasonable conversation. We talked about bikes, I told him what I'm working on, and he told me about his Norton - it was originally his g'fathers, then his Dad had it, now he does. He agreed it was loud, and said he would try to remember to restrain his desire to rev it up at a stand-stil.

    So far, he has. It's still loud, but the rumble is a lot more tolerable than the walls shaking. Now, if I could just get the ricer on his screaming cow that comes through at 3am every night to show some consideration, I'd be content.

    Consider those around you. They have a right to peace.
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    I agree the cops have plenty to do without chasing a motored bike. I don't think most of them really care about 12-15cc's one way or the other. Wear a helmet even if it's just a bike helmet. Don't run stop signs etc. Try to keep the noise down. Those are all great suggestions to keep our bikes and us on the road. Number one to me? Keeping the injuries down. Take your time and make your build safe.