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    Pushrod vs pullrod suspension

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    2014 Formula 1 Cars

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    arrrrgh! that coanda effect video is so bleedingly obvious! i stopped watching. he should speak in his native tongue and just use subtitles... it would be over in 2 minutes then!

    i clarify something i mentioned before...

    the coanda effect is great for reducing turbulence and reducing things like fluid friction on a surface. getting air (or fluid) to flow where needed. how many times have you cursed that jug with the spout that just doesnt pour properly? using a decanting rod is coanda, a spout that sends liquid off in some random direction is badly designed and is affected negatively by coanda... (i just thought of something else, only vaguely related...did you know certain roman aqueducts could get water to flow....UPhill? goes back to the idea of tapering tubes to increase the velocity of flow...then momentum takes over... the venturi effect, which is the bernoulli effect, which is the coanda effect... plus gravity and density. first flow it downhill to pick up speed, then slowly go uphill, tapering slightly, until water speed has dropped to critical point, at which point its higher than when it started. then let it start flowing downhill again, repeat process, ad nasuem {ha ha, latin. veni vidi vici })

    but i can assure you, that when it comes to producing (static) LIFT, its useless. the same pressure pushing that fluid film to the surface is pushing on the underneath of the surface. otherwise coanda effect vehicles would have dominated the aeronautical scene, and whirly birds would be a mere curiosity. (hughies? :wacko:)

    F1 needs as little drag as possible. whats that square law? doubling the speed creates four times the drag or something?

    i couldnt be bothered watch the ground effect video... busy thinking :p

    but i do see, say...bernoulli principle (which is basically the coanda effect anyway, or is what causes it) between the bottom of the car and the road surface...get the air moving fast enough and the car will suck down to the ground.

    but...if you get it too far off the ground, sudenly ground effect takes place and you get lifted off the ground! a lot of ground effect is caused by downwash, nonetheless, so if the undercarriage is designed to increase airspeed with no possible way a pocket of air can be trapped underneath...i reckon bernoulli would over ride any lifting forces. like blowing a sheet of paper off a seems simple but can pose some challenges! the same effects are present.

    unfortunately, if you could speed the air up fast enough down there for bernoulli to work really well... you have to somehow slow it down at the rear end, or your turbulence factor will be terrible! so ground effect just has to be put up with and worked around.

    the direction an exhaust points makes a HUGE difference to your aerodynamic profile, not many people realise that one...

    if you want to learn about fluid flow...go watch a creek ;)

    heh heh heh, in my usual tactless way, im going to mention i HATE F1!

    :rant: :rant:

    yeah yeah, they go fast and are at the cutting edge... just i much prefer things like lawnmower racing. make it yourself, the rules are minimal, anyone can get into it, and well... shame im in the wrong country :(

    its just that...i want to see these racing mowers actually mowing at the same time! now THATS a sport! how straight you can keep it! the length of cut! the finish! while going fast, of course ;) (ever had the misfortune to watch a ploughing comp? in a way, it is amazing... i cant plow a straight line, but then tractors only very small :pinch:)

    the smell of freshly cut grass and the snarl of twenty over worked briggs&strattons :wacko: possibly some castor in the air too, and id be in heaven...

    i missed out on go kart racing by about 30 years...back when the machines were individual, and not all just the same... iunno. bert munroe always springs to mind when i think of the backyard tinkerer versus the guys with cash to spend... not sure if that record still stands because he did something amazing, or if its because, out of respect, noone else tries.
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    McLaren's rear suspension control arm airfoils

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    Williams FW36 Rear deflector

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