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    Some photos from a 15klm visiting trip in my home country. All these roads have 100kl/hr speed limit and are used by Log trucks,Milk Tankers and Stock crates ,So the rear view mirror gets a workout...It is as seen pretty hilly, The trike is a stock 26"frame mounted to a homemade sub chassis,could change to most any 26" frame if required.The 20" rear wheels limit top speed to 35kl/hr (fast enough for any Trike to go)but also give it the ability to go up all the hills around here only a couple need pedal assist.The seat has Quick release to swivel away to refuel,great item for the shopping or longer trips carrying a bit of gear. The bike I have is better,but I think you need both as they are totally different experience...Cheers Allen.. DSC00204.jpg DSC00206.jpg DSC00202.jpg DSC00207.jpg

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    Thats a cool trike build. I like the engine placement. The log trucks make me nervous even when driving a car.
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    Cool trike build.
    I'd love to see more pics of the detail of your rear subframe.
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    Photos somewhere of the build will get them next couple of days and post on trikes