For those of us interested in the old motored bikes,,,

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    Wow, - that's a teeeeerrrific website :grin: Thanks for sharing the link.
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    Awesome site! Thanks
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    Link saved for a full viewing later.
    Thank you very much. *Elvis voice*
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    Im not sure but I think thats the guy who is selling cyclemotors on ebay .. a Riva like on the site is up for £500 (which if I had a brain I would have bought and given up on the one I built...)

    Jemma xx
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    Interesting site with great links.
    In many ways we think were pioneers in this field but it's all been done before...ages ago and possibly even better.................possibly. :smile:
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    I like the Norman Cyclemate on page 5 :)

    Yes I know it was supposed to be a dog, but I much prefer its bicycle-like appearance as compared with the later period pressed sheetmetal mopeds available from other makers.
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    For me...The first Ducati gasoline (petrol) engine on page 7, the puppy. :D
    It was a 4 stroke with valve operation by pull rods not push rods.

    Before and during WWII Ducati manufactured cameras, radios and electronic componets.
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    The 1922 Labinal Micromoteur on page 21 is delightful too :grin:
    I just love that 'bacon slicer' flywheel. My mind is already ticking over, - I've got a bare Villiers engine, just the crankcase, barrel, crankshaft, conrod and piston. Turning up a boss to carry a flywheel is easy-peasy; find an old circular saw blade, cut off the teeth and rivet on mild steel 'cheeks'. Turn it all true and lovely in the lathe and Bob's your Uncle :)
    Magnetos are harder to find these days, but not impossible. Could be a lovely project to keep me amused over the Winter......

    That wee Ducati engine is a stunner OldPete. A perfect example of the Italian approach to engine design. The 'Elvish' itself is delightful though and I love the logo.
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    Ah, the Labinal with the bacon slicer flywheel. Guzzi used them, albeit much thicker, with their 250 & 500cc horizontal singles.

    An exposed flywheel permits a smaller, lighter, stronger, stiffer crankcase with less material used in production (alloy was expensive at one time). For a 2 smoke less crankcase volume is generally a plus too. A thin large diameter flywheel offers good inertial mass with less weight. A big plus for a front mounted bicycle engine or so I would think, even though the gas tank is nearly bar mounted.

    Good stuff indeed! :)
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    hot diggity. lovely machines.
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    Think thats good? Check this site out

    A fantastic online museum from what i understand to be an enthusiast with the time and the money! check it out