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    those are what they used (or used to use) on short track speedway bikes.
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    When I followed motocross, I was a CZ fanatic.Their engines look artistic and really haul the post. My Honda S90 needs an engine. Hmmmmm...
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    its a bleedin good price if its NOS! and look at the rated bhp compared to the ht...:jester: if ht had that power to weight ratio...oh boy!

    iunno if you could get one into an s90...:thinking: i wanted to stuff a cb250 into my c90 :jester: a factory blueprinted cb250 with 5 extra horsies :) annoying thing with the c90 and 110's is they have a different mount to the 50 n 70... same with the s90/s110 models? not sure... and all chinese engines, even the 160s, have the 50/70 mounts... luckily i have a c50 awaiting restoooorations :)

    but owwww! that jawa! soooo...tempting!...must!!!!cut!!!up!!!!cred!!!!it!!!!card!!!!

    when you think of what a speedway bike actually IS.... a pushy isnt really that different...just take off the brakes and chuck a bungee cord on the forks!

    would love to fab a pipe up for it! :D
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