For those who have been pulled over...

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  1. dirtbikemike2435

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    I was wondering what the cops have asked you when u have been pulled over. Also what are the things they do to your MB.

  2. sparky

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    One night about 3 years ago, I was stopped by a policeman.

    He stepped out of his car w/ flashing lights and said, "License, registration, and insurance."

    I laughed at him and asked, "Are you serious?"

    He actually was serious. He had seen that my bicycle was completely self-propelled, as I could not pedal without my pedal chain (just changed to a larger crank flywheel, but couldn't get a longer chain at 8 o'clock at night).

    He told me that I was on a motorcycle, a 2-wheeled motor vehicle. I attempted to tell him that I did what I could to question other gov't officials.

    He didn't care. He threatened me with 20 tickets, but he wrote me only two -- no helmet, no headlight. I remedied both issues ASAP -- a helmet from the thrift store and an LED flashlight with a Twofish Lockblock mount.

    After that night, I never rode without my pedal chain again. I haven't had any issues whatsoever, except one undercover cop flashed their lights and told me to STOP! I did and they asked all about if I built it or bought it, how fast it went, how many MPGs, etc. "The typical inquiry."

    I learned from my prior experience to just shut up. I answered their questions, but when one cop started pondering, "I'm just trying to figure out if it's a motorcycle or a bicycle," I just let him keep pondering. Had I opened my mouth and answered the question for him, he would have likely disagreed just to see me in court. They never asked for license, name, DOB, SSN, address, etc. But I did have my "attorney general opinion" that because a motorized bicycle is mentioned ONLY in the Brakes section of the MS Code, then that is all that is required (in addition to a headlight for all bicycles).

    I even stopped at a red light a month or two back and a Sheriff pulled up beside me. I was kinda freaked out, because he was facing me, his window was rolled down, and he was about to say something. He said: "I know you're on a bicycle, but you still have to follow all traffic rules."

    I replied, "I usually....", but then saw his eyes jump out at me, so I corrected myself, "I always do follow the rules, sir." Then he smiled and we parted ways.

    Cops don't want honesty. I will go out of my way to tell people the Truth, but not a cop.
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    Gotcha thanks for all the info, im 15 so i dont want them thinking oh this kids gana hurt himself or pull me over for something stupid...i was just wondering what to say and stuff, the cops arent here are a real hassle but i have figured out a motor assisted bike is a real gray area but i think i can get by:sweatdrop:
  4. Happy Valley

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    It matters what state you're in and the current regs there as to speed, if one needs registration, drivers license or if they are even legal at all. For example, where I live, the minimum age is 16 and a DL is required.
  5. BentTooner

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    FWIW, I agree with Happy Valley. It really seems to depend on what state you're in and then where in that state you ride (urban or rural).

    If you want to avoid problems, wear a helmet, have a light, pedal whenever you see cars around, don't go faster than about 20 mph (slower when cops are around), follow all the bicycle rules and don't be a moron.

    If you get pulled over, have a copy of your state's law (or your city if that's the case) printed on a piece of paper so you can show the cop you TRIED to follow the rules but do NOT offer anything else. ONLY answer the questions s/he asks and no more. Be polite.

    If you did all that, you'd probably be fine and you couldn't do much more.

    Despite that, you may get unlucky and run into a jerk with a badge one day.

    My experience these last 3 years has been that all the cops just ignore me. I look like some old fart who is half crazy on a weird bicycle.

    Sadly, that's just about right!
  6. dirtbikemike2435

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    hahaha well all that does make sense and i am riding in illinois kinda urban but thats what i was thinking, be polite an all
  7. Lazieboy

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    So when u got stopped did you, or do you have it registered.
    I got Ins. but no Reg. I've never been talked to by a cop, but i have gotten a double take. my neibor is a cop. dont ask dont tell. I took all badges off LZ3 exeptgrubee sticker so when they ask its a 49cc Ha ha :grin5:
  8. sparky

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    Not registered, nor will it be registered.

    The idea is that I want to be "out of commerce". No commercial papers of any kind are required for me to exercise my right to free travel on a bike that I have [re-]built.

    Why step in the game of commerce and start playing by their rules? I don't understand. I can hold them to their rules, but I never agreed to anything. There's no evidence that I have a drivers license and agreed to follow all "rules of the road", even on a bicycle. If you have a DL, you agreed to do certain things. Why incriminate yourself by carrying the DL around? Why identify yourself if you never harmed anybody?

    If you're 15, tho... just work on getting the loctite to keep all the bolts in place. Then work on making it to 16.
  9. Esteban

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    State laws differ so much . I have never been stopped in Florida.
  10. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Cops usually ignore me.

    I've had a sheriff pull me over to ogle over my bike.

    I've had a cop pull up to me in congested traffic and order me to ride in the curb lane.

    I ride my bike past the main police station and the police substation and "ghost pedal".

    I follow all the rules of the road and "ghost pedal" at every intersection.
  11. strotter

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    Been pulled over twice.
    Both times I was asked the usual questions. (how fast, mpg..etc)
    One time the cop asked me "do you have to have a licence"
    The other time the cop said "I won't give you a ticket for running the stop sign, if you tell me all about your bike".

    I am 42 and always wear a helmet. My bike tops out at 32mph. I think all three of these factors keeps me from being pulled over.

    My two teenage boys have motorized bikes too. They have never been pulled over. I have set their bikes up to top out a 27mph and they always wear a helmet. I think these factors have a lot to do with it. (In Ca. max speed 30mph)
  12. BentTooner

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    I TOTALLY agree with Sparky's comments along the lines of:

    "The idea is that I want to be "out of commerce"."

    Me too. I have no interest in furthering what I see as an ever-intrusive quasi-police state mentality when all I'm doing is riding my bike around and not causing anyone any problems. I don't carry my wallet when I ride my MB for the same reasons Sparky gave.

    It might not be much but I've decided to draw the line here where I feel I can get away with NOT being part of the darn system!
  13. machiasmort

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    Plain and simple. I live in the belly of the MB unfriendly beast!

    Hook a couple LED's to your white wire for tail and headlights. Search the threads for my post.

    If you get pulled over, (always pedal) the cops video camera will support your claim (don't let him know that, lest the film disappear). Let him do whatever he has to do, but explain THEEE ONLY REASON YOU HEARD IT RUNNING WAS FOR THE LIGHTS!

    No way - no how was I under motor power. I'd love to see what they say to that when you explain your 1 little tank of gas does the ammount of work that 100 AA batteries would in a year. I wanted to be safe your Honor (lights), 100 batteries per year would pollute the heck out of the environment and the wheel generators slow me down.
  14. dirtbikemike2435

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    very intersting... i like it:cool:
  15. Big Red

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    Pulled Over.

    I'm just glad California has already dealt with most of the issues concerning MB's. as I'm sure most states will do the same sooner rather than later. Most cop's here are only worried about helmet laws and safety, (stop signs, speeding, ect.) Although there are laws requiring an M-2 and plates.
    I hope those guys in other states that slap on a 49cc/66cc/454 Hemi, get away with it forever. All I can say is good luck with that.
    Some people think if you put a motor on a bicycle it's still "JUST A BICYCLE". If that were true than everybody would be putting Ninja engines on their bikes. WHY NOT, IT'S STILL JUST A BICYCLE, ISNT IT? No license or registration required couse IT'S JUST A BICYCLE, RIGHT? If people keep putting together MB's that will outrun most Mopeds, That, by the way, require license and reg. OR If some politition driving his car at 45mph gets passed by a motorized doing 55mph, how long do you think it will take to get a law in place?
    The short answer to all of this is NO, It's no longer "JUST A BICYCLE"
    I also hate the way the Govt. thinks it has to run every little thing about our lives. Most of the time it's simply about power. Very rarely are they truly concerned about our safety. So, the point I'm trying to make here is, The laws are going to be there sooner or later anyway. If you don't like the laws, get involved in changing them instead of doing NOTHING. Riding OUTLAW is great untill you get your bike took and you're standing in front of the judge saying, YER HONOR, IT'S JUST A BICYCLE.
    Big Red.
  16. machiasmort

    machiasmort Active Member

    Or you could take my argument Big Red and say Your Honor, if I was to pedal a moped from Niagara Falls to NYC, would I be in trouble? Would I have even been stopped?
  17. Big Red

    Big Red Active Member

    Pulled Over.

    Hey machiasmort,
    PERHAPS, If only for a psyc. eval. (just kidding bro.)
    A moped, in most states, is designated as a motor vehical and needs to be registered. MB.s fall under a slightly different class. And sure, you could pedal or push ANYTHING without a D.L. including your car, As long as the cop never saw or heard the engine running you could beat it in court. All I'm trying to say is once you're doing 55mph on a motorized, SOMEONE is going to take notice and start pushing laws about it. It's YOUR responsibility to make sure those laws are passed in your favor in YOUR state. Like I said earlier, If you do NOTHING, then the GREAT State of New York could simply outlaw anything that is not made by Honda or Yamaha or....
    AND, just MY opinion, I don't think it's too much to ask for a person to demonstrate some competence before propelling a motorized at 45mph through traffic and crosswalks with children in them. You sound like a real down to earth kind of dude, BUT, ya gotta admit theirs a LOT of idiots in this world that tend to mess it up for the more responsible people. THOSE people are the ones laws are passed for. If everybody did the right thing everytime we would'nt have half the laws we have today.
    So machiasmort, All we have to do is what Garfield did to Odie, Box up all the idiots and ship them to Addis Abbaba. Then we could get rid of almost every law on the books. Jeez, Would'nt that be a better world to live in.
    Big Red.
  18. machiasmort

    machiasmort Active Member

    Thanks for showing level headed respect Red! LOL!

    I almost got swatted tonight! Got to my corner, which I rip-roared to. Cop across street seen me, so I killed it and began to pedal! I hat e using the kill switch cuz it beats up the magneto.

    I swear to god he turned toward me and away 3X before stopping in the middle of the street! A main route! LOL! He went the other way!

    Do what I'm telling you and say exactly as I'm telling you, don't be one of those idiots, and you've got a real good chance at beating them by their own book!

    Wish I could guarantee results, but NYS specifies anything w/ a motor on it needs to be registered.

    They hypocrite themselves, disability vehicles/ older mopeds that could be pedaled as aforementioned.

    I’d file a Division of Human rights complaint so fast their heads would spin! You are going to run me through the ringer admitting you seen me pedal, but have not seen a mobility scooter on the road? I’ve got a disability also tho!

    So you can't proove I was even under motor power? Think of how it would look!
  19. machiasmort

    machiasmort Active Member

    Disability as difined by NYS Law is anything that takes away a core life function. Tell your Doctor that your pooohoper don't smell right and pedaling bothers you.

    Get a note and show up in court!

    It opens Judge and Cop up to a $50,000 fine. See how quick they reconsider the revenue from harassing you.

    Oh, you don't have film to show I pedaled? Good, show how many mobility scooters you pulled over in the last two years for the same reason.
  20. Big Red

    Big Red Active Member

    Pulled over.

    Good luck brother. I hope you get away with it forever.