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Limited edition snap-on tools monster moto 212
I am located in upstate NY and you would have to pick up this item, or arrange freight or a delivery service if you purchased it and live far away.

Ok so here's the deal it a little dirty because it has been ridden , so it needs washed (if your one of them people who want a nice shiny woods/trail bike) . But as stated it has a 212 engine that literally starts first pull. Series 30 torque converter(belts for this are readily available for around 10 bucks) everything works . EVERYTHING WORKS.

We can talk price but I would prefer a trade 😜
I said in another thread I would happily take a 79cc with a torque converter/transmission.
Of really any size 4 stroke with a transmission or torque converter.

I am currently in a motel room and I have no place to ride this thing. It takes up Alot of space in this small room and would like to see it go to someone who will use it. And it will help me by either giving me the parts I need or the funds for the parts.

Thanks for reading this . Please pm me with any offers ideas or advice.
Thanks again

Ps I thought I had some pictures on my phone but I don't I will take some and add them to the thread in a bit... Sorry.also I spaced this out nice but for some reason it looks like wall of text lol
I knew I had a few pictures.. here they are


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Aug 14, 2022
Well she's gone boys . Buddy of mine came and picked her up earlier today. Dude who I know where I live he a good friend. He gave me a down payment and is going to pay the rest in installments over the next 5 weeks. So that'll help. Ha I find i transmission on eBay that's the size I need at the price I can pay and you tube swooped in just as I was about to click but not and snatched their 20 looks like I'll have to wait for next week cuz I had exactly enough. Yes I was going to spend every cent I own on a transmission for my bike. I need transportation now more than ever the motel I'm at is in the middle of no place!
And about that anyone here remember the movie "Joe's apartment"?
Yeah I live there now it's gross. Does anyone know if they can mess up bikes do they chew wires and such?