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    In tx they give a 1 way free airline ticket to FORD haters to go hunting with **** Cheney, most are never seen again........anyway Iam the proud owner of a 96 f-150 with a 107k trouble free miles. Only drawback is its a 300 6cyl and it has 2 tanks and cost 2 arms and a leg to fill up.

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    hahahaha.... our censor won't allow us to "speak" Our VP's 1st name....**** thats funny!!:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

    let's see some love/hate for the fords.....right here.
    thanks ;):p
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    That 300 ain't a drawback- what it may lack in oomph it will make up for by lasting forever.
  4. 2002 F150 100k not a problem yet. Traded in a 1998 F150 150k had a problem with the speed sensor that controls the winshield wipers on that one and the dealer flew the part in and gave me a loaner (of course a Ford) to use for a day. Bought a new Dodge Caravan bad engine from the beginning, they rebuilt it twice, and it still wasnt right, so rather than take a chance on it falling under the VA. "Lemon Law" (the same problem 3 times) they gave me my money back. $20k loan paid in 3 months, sure improved my credit rating. Ford for life!!!!!!!!
  5. Think about the government fleet. Police cars. FORD MUSTANGS. FORD CROWN VICTORIA's. Now lets look at the Ambulances. FORD again. Airport shuttle buses. FORD.
    I worked for the airport part time as a shuttle driver. FORD vans. Late model. Ran 19 hours a day 5 hours rest. The average mileage per vehicle was half a million miles. And were talking vans built in 2004 and newer. One van in their fleet a Ford was a 1998 model. That puppy had 950,000 miles and still used to bring passengers.
    Next time you're traveling and you happen to board a shuttle van (Super Shuttle or equivalent) ask the driver what's the mileage on that van. Chances are you're probably gonna be in a FORD.
    Every Ford I've owned I ran to more than 300,000 miles. Only reason I got rid of those vehicles was because of the interior or cosmetic. I own an F-150. 200,000 miles. A/C still works. I'm getting rid of the Chevy.
    One thing I don't like about Fords. Diagnostics Chevy and Chrysler has us all beat. Ford you need a special tool. Other than that I have yet to own a Ford that leaked. All the Fords I have owned has never ever leaked a single drop of oil.
    I like MOPARS too but their weak spot is their charging system (old school I'm talking about now). Chevy has us all beat there.
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    Large Im not sure what you mean about a special reader for a ford, ever since 96 all cars can be read by an obdII code reader for the generic codes and that will generally point you in the direction of the problem. All manufacturers have their own detailed codes where you need a specific scanner but with an 80$ code reader from the local auto parts store I can usually track down the problemo.................
  7. Chryslers all you need to do is turn your key off and on three times then your trouble codes flash at your engine light. Every pause is the end of the sequence. For example a 33 which sometimes mean O2 sensor will flash three times,pause,flash 3 times.
    On Chevy's all you need is a paper clip or a free key you can pick up at any parts store. Just under your dash is that plug looking thing. Connect the 1st and 3rd connector to your paper clip or free key,turn ignition on then count the flashes.
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    My Fords have done well, mostly...

    I have a '96 Ford Probe SE with 145,000 miles on it. It's a 5-speed and I'm still on the original clutch. It's been the most reliable car I've ever owned, even more than the two Honda Accords I had before buying a Probe LX in 1988. That too was incredibly reliable, and I traded it in on the '96 when it was at 111,000 miles (also on the original clutch). Both Probes were bought new, so I didn't buy someone else's potentially abused car. But I also have a '96 Escort, and I had to have a new head put on that a year ago at 91,000 miles because the head gasket deteriorated (causing very heavy corrosion on the head at the number 4 cylinder) and ultimately blew. Aside from that hiccup, it's now at 102,000 miles and still running, but not as strongly as before...
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    I had a 84 f450 super-duty with a built by me wrecker body on it when I had my towing busines back in Toronto
    had a 460 I converted myself to propane (LPG)
    put more than 600k on it in 4 years before I sold it
    'nuff said :lol::D:lol:
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    Here in Britain the models are different to what you have in the USA but I would agree about the fine quality of fords. I'm also a bit of a Datsun fan, but thats another story.


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    They may not be fast,but they are stump pullers. louis
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    True, that.

    My dad had a 300-6 in his F150, put 300K on it before the body rusted out, bought a newer truck with a good body but a blown 302, swapped the engines, and put another 150K on it before he downsized to a Ranger.
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    FORD=Fix Or Repair Daily
    We've had a 1966 chevy c-10 w/a 327 v8 in our family ever since it was new we have no clue how many miles are on it after 52 years of being driven on a regular basis. The only thing we had to do was replace the clutch. And it still runs like a dream today. We also had a ford probe, lasted 20,000 something miles when the transmission blew, then we fixed that, and the same week the engine broke.
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    FORD=First on Race Day!!! :grin:

    I've owned a '93 Ford Ranger for 10 years and besides the fact that it eats a lot of gas, it's been the best vehicle I've ever owned for sure.

    BUT, some say Fords and some say Chevys, and some say (you get the point). My opinion...? Tomayto, Tomahto...who gives a shilling!!! :eek:
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    gm right here, all the way. i dont wanna start nothing here so thats all im saying :D