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Forensic files been freaking me out lately...


In memory of Frankenstein 1991 - 2018
Jun 24, 2016
Yeah so the internet is very good here so I can have things like Netflix, so my wife and I watch forensic files pretty often. It started getting to me that I keep seeing forensic files episodes with muders occurring in Pennsylvania...

Now that's fine and dandy and all but when it's like 15 of the last 20 episodes happening in this state it kinda gets me feeling strange of this state, why so many freakin murders here??...

Certainly more of that's happening in Florida or California right?

Then I figured it had to be the location of where they filmed or something since they do a lot of interviews for the show with the victim's family and even the murderer themselve. Likely they didn't want to drive far or fly far for a show.

Turns out the producing company AND the service who finds actors for the show are both located in Allentown, Pennsylvania..

That explains that I suppose, and probably a lot else about this place...


Active Member
May 23, 2016
and the Butler in the library with a lead pipe, or was it the candlestick? ................................... lol