fork and drum reviews please

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  1. skjjoe

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    I am wondering if any one has any experience with this fork and hub?
    If so good bad ugly?
    please if any one has any input please post so i dont waste any money. $160 isn't a lot but work is kinda hit and miss in the winter time.thanks
    NEW Sturmey Archer BF Front Drum Brake BIKE HUB Schwinn - eBay (item 370284381795 )

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    There would be nice to put one of those on MB with shifter kit.

    Internal hub drives were not rated off road in the past, so I doubt if they can withstand pounding and torque of a gas engine.

    Unless they are making them much stronger now, but I am not expert on them.

    Would love to try one with shifter kit though.
  3. skjjoe

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    This is not a drive. Its a drum brake for the front wheel
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    I can't speak for the fork, but I have a S/A XFD drum brake hub on my front wheel. The difference between what you're looking at and mine is the XFD has cartridge bearings and this one has ball bearings like an ordinary wheel. Also the one you're looking at takes 14ga spokes and the XFD will take 12ga.
    I like the smoothness of the bearings and no maintenance and the braking action is good.
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    dangerous forks

    I would not buy those reproduction forks,they are junk.Google monark fork and see for your self.Get some originals if ya like that style of fork.