Fork strut fabrication??

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by NewOrleansFlyer, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. NewOrleansFlyer

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    Has anyone ever done it (I'm sure). What materials did you use and how did you do it??

  2. Happy Valley

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    What kind of forks do you mean, rigid, springer, suspension?

    I've rebuilt suspension forks but don't have the skills or tools to fab them since parts are available to rebuild.
  3. Sgt. Howard

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    fork fabrication

    it would seem to me that the 1906-1940 Sager springer fork would be a natural to fabricate, as these were mass-produced with rather primitive tooling. If you have a lathe, hacksaw, welding apperatus and access to aircraft steel tubung and springs of the right diameters as well as some mechanical apptitude, it should be fairly simple. What is a Sager? Check out the 1907-1919 Harley Davidsons and that's what you see.
    the Old Sgt.