Former President Of MADD Arrested On DUI Charge

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by srdavo, Feb 26, 2011.

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    onder if they'll give her a slap on the wrist or nail her to the wall. She helped put a guy in jail for 27 years. Looks like judging others can come back full circle.
  3. Dave C

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    ...why am I not suprized?

    I remember there was a t-shirt I always wanted after the MADD thing started. I wanted a DAMM t-shirt, Drunks Against Mad Mothers :grin5:

    p.s.: I don't drink. I'm not an alcoholic, just never really like the :poop:. 2 day sick hangovers cure you fast of any "like":ack2:
  4. bluegoatwoods

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    I guess it shows that the drunk driving equivalent of "Just Say No" just isn't gonna cover all of the bases.
  5. ibdennyak

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    Geez, photo doesn't even look like she was a "fun drunk." :whistling:
  6. wheelbender6

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    Nice to see them "walk the walk".
  7. Mountainman

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    wanted me to buy her a motorized bicycle

    she contacted me a while back
    wanted me to buy her a motorized bicycle in my name
    it can happen to anyone
    if we drink and drive

  8. Bob Gurkin

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    Definately not a "Happy" drunk. Is she the one who helped organize MADD and then got kicked out? If so I wonder why she was given the boot??
  9. Fletch

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    I have a couple DUIs which were mistakes I'm not proud of and maybe the reason I'm into this hobby now, but the laws and penalties are just insane these days. Many people don't realize how a DUI can ruin your life- domestically, socially, professionally (especially) and set you back thousands and thousands of $. I had to go to MADD presentation for my DUI recently and the flier said "mandatory $20 donation"! I got there and dropped my $20 in the box and the guy behind me says he doesn't have it and it's no problem. I knew I shouldn't have done it! They make so much money and are so powerful as it is.
  10. SimpleSimon

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    If it is "mandatory", it is NOT a donation, its a FEE.

    I decline to pay extortionists.
  11. ibdennyak

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    MADD actually got into trouble with the IRS several years ago.They are listed as a non profit, but the IRS claimed they had been running as a for profit organization and owed substantial taxes. 3.9 million, or maybe 39 million in profits comes to mind, although I would have to research to be sure.

    Also, Candice Lightner who started the whole MADD organization resigned/ was fired, depending on whose account you prefer to believe. She is actually anti MADD at present citing that the organization has lost sight of the original goal of getting drunk drivers off the road, and has become a neo-prohibitionist in attitude. (Google Candy Lightner....all sorts of info will come up).

    Apparently, or allegedly, whichever fits the best, when MADD hired a board of (well paid) executives they applied the same principles as a business, and kind of ruined the original intent. The board would appoint a DUI victim as president (a voluntary position) and use her as a figurehead to generate sympathy leading to more cash flow and of course lobbying for more restrictive laws. Most of the lobbying was purchased to justify their salaries.

    Kind of sounds like human nature took another good idea and twisted it into a not so good result, similar to some other charitable organizations.

    If you are interested, I would suggest googling this topic.....kind of interesting and a disappointing example of human nature.
  12. Bob Gurkin

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    I remembered something about MADD firing the originator and them installing a bunch of well paid ppl, but not the exact particulars. It was enough to put a feeling of distaste in me when I thought of them. Thanks for the update and it would appear that MADD is another great idea ruined by greed.