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Sep 12, 2014
Yankalilla South Australia
Hi I'm Nat and Yes A newbie have an idea for an event but I need help. If there was a chapter I am it so far. There is lots of interest from my mates.
Ok I will spell it as I see it in dot points

My back ground is venue manager, live sound engineer local and touring. 28 years experience in all facets of event managent. one of my successes we built. hotrod culture event. we have a bike tent at the show custom bikes. Mine will be there.
My old man raced two strkes and I had a rat rd/tz 250. I started a push bike enterprise when i was thirteen out of dump bikes raising the money for my first couple of bmx's.
Bike have stayed with me all these years. As a father fast motor bikes are out as they are killers.
The Venue
Normanville is coast holiday town in my district. I suggest you google maps my potential circuits. There are two main ones it intend on using depending on Public and Council approval.

The first is the esplanade car park. It is right next to the caravan park and and most the houses near by are holiday houses. The Second is Cheeseman Street, Herbert Street, Jetty Road, Heathcote Street. There is a park with a hairpin corner back up around the river. The main straight is down hill to a hair pin. So brakes will be an issue
There is a cafe and restaurant as well a licence surf club we can use as a club house.
When the car park gets cut of there is still clear access to the business. There are plenty of mobile vendors around if things blow out we can source more. closest has proirity.
The same people own both beach cafe and pub both on the cuicuit
Accommodation is everything from a tent to a palatial house.
Our timing will be set by the holiday season and occupancy rates.
We have a peak season from Xmas to Easter. Outside of that thing hit rock bottom.
As my Ex is a chef in the The Courthouse Restaurant in the main street. I have hade my parenting duties geared to the seasons and have a pretty good idea of how things flow. Not to mention a good relation ship with the local hospitality trade.

The plan is to find a time to do this event when we will get the most support. There is actually a dead spot just before xmas holidays. What I am thinking is to do a small one then to test the market. If we win them over the next year we will ask for the street circuit. This way I can get the sponsors to see the product. Billy and I raised $7000 in sponsorship for our first show. We wont do that but I see that is may be possible.
My Vision is to see an international event that my districts owns. Baby steps'

The caravan park being empty means less complaints. No complaints if its full of riders and crew. We have another area called the basin behind the sand hills for budget campers.

There is a toilet block and three phase outlet for the entertainment stage and market stalls

I will have to organize not for profit body to administer the event. Or I may use and existing body and raise money for charity. Most probably both.

Entries will be open to bot electric bikes. I call Sparkies. And Fuelies.

I ride 48cc bikes as they are the legal street machine. Ive lost my licence its jail time for me if i am caught will more power. (Still got one for of road)

Formula 48
stock with allowable upgrades
Super stock

79 fuelers
Super modified (We may not be able to use them due to laws)

stock 200 watts
Sparkies up to 1000 watts(We may not be able to use them due to law)

There may have to be another location where its off road nearby.

At the moment I am collecting support from Councillor and business. And I have two event this month. The Yankalilla Show and Yankalilla Cruise. I have resign from committee I am know just on production and enjoyment I build the dance floor I am posting some pics.
See my 700c which we intend on challenging the world with.

Sorry if I sound like a ****** I am looking for help.

To find the proposed cuicuits go google maps Normanville, South Australia, 5204
please use street view two check out tracks. hot rod and custom show 16 Nov.

Email me @ if your local and you want to join the team or text 0488991746. I am in no hurry because good planning takes time.

Photo016.jpgBike.jpgNormy beach.jpg
I have been talking with council and we are thinking November 2015. Possibly Saturday and Sunday. A suggestion has been made that we have a dirt track flat track. Then the super modified eighties can let rip. That's my up date