forum rant i want everything done my way please, lol


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Sep 23, 2013
I'm about to get a little bit more belligerent lol. I have been putting up with an awful lot of stress and noise and nasty throat-scrapy covid19 test swabs, and that moaning lying uncooperative old twit in bed C, with his arse hanging out all the time because he refused to stay in bed. Trying to type on a tiny phone keyboard and keep this thing charged off the nurses charger..
Oh and dont you just love it when theres 4 beds in a room and you're the one person who hasn't crapped themselves?!
I think it was Einstein who said "if youre the smartest person on the room, you're in the wrong room."
I updated that. FurryOnTheInside said:
"If you're the only person in the ward/bay who hasn't crapped all over himself: you need to discharge yourself from that ward/bay or the hospital immediately and walk home if you have to. Even if you risk collapsing and crapping yourself on the walk home, its better than staying there in that wrong room, Einstein!"

Anyway I think this thread is moving on too soon, and skipping all the super important background information, the way new members join and ask us to tell them how to fix their "bike not working just tell me how to make it run now" and dont even bother researching and reading any of the information from the last twelve years that members have been providing.
Information for them all to read, for the entire Internet of lurkers and researchers, for free. That is all there and ready to read, forever. Doesn't need to be spooon fed again. Now for some reason its already about developing a new engine sprocket to hub (and spoke side) adaptor but we have to do it without taking adetaled r comprehensive or exhaustive review of what we have already put so much effort into developing and describing, testing and evaluating ver the 12 year history of our forum? Just a new one. Clamshell x rubber rag spoke twister hybrid 2020.
As if we've already got on the same page about what even exists already. I dont agree that we are on the same page. Some members have heard of some adaptors and some have seen others, some have the same name for different adaptors and some have different names for the same adapters.
I dont think we're still on the subject of what was already developed and its mode/method of function.
I think we've already moved on to page three what we can individually build on our own and take to the next level, when we shouldstill be on page two, the many home made adapters and inventive steps we have been through and seen and categorised that we can refer back to and pick-and-choose the best ideas and concepts from if we like them. I think we've moved on already to what might come next, although we never covered half of the existing technology that the forum has developed.
YOU've moved on and I've tried to go back and cover the half dozen or so adaptors that we already have, then YOU've moved on to the next stage again.
We're just skipping right past anything that wasn't suggested this week as if none of our past work matters.

I AM in favour of the discussion on an adaptor that is both a set-screw (or at least heavily knurled) clamshell and a manyspoke twister to back up the clamshell. I didnt make one.
Only Cooltoy75 has made one so far I think.
His is fully metal which I like, in ways. I cannot say how it wonderfully works having not even examined it closely. I can describe it only from looking it and comparing with only looking at the the rubber rag hybrid ones other members are making. I think you can do that by yourselves though.
You have potentially up to 24 left hand side spokes being used to bear the twisting from the sprocket spacers pushing against the spoke trailing edges. So far I've seen 6 spokes ready to take the twisting when the clamshell slips. That division of stress by 6 is way better than by 3, but they are bearing the strain further towards the middle of the spokes and that causes a larger deflection for the strain applied. Would be great to have the best of both worlds.
Like hanging your laundry out to dry on the line.
This stress further out towards the middle of the spokes is either regarded as an improvement or worsening. I would love to be able to offer some factual scientific evidence as to which of these it is in reality but I can only speculate from here!

Of course the old Pineapple adaptor from STC had 9 spokes bearing the twisting force: right from the start, because it wasn't a clamshell adapter hybrid. It had straight furrows to guide the spokes, not round spacers.
The spokes through the STC Pineapple took the strain along much more of their length and were supported in a straight line!
We could have flat sided spacers, round sided spacers, straight furrows, just slightly curved furrows (like?!), anything we like to transfer the stress of hanging out our heavy laundry on the steel filament laundry drying line!

Of course we could pull on the bends at the ends of the spokes, straight down the length of the spokes.. like they were designed for.
But that has already been done.
We really skipped past all the adapters that mount directly to the hub at the six bolt disc rotor mount! Moved right on. I dont know why exactly.
Somehow we have associated the 6-bolt rotor mount with a mag wheel?!? Most disc brakes are fitted to spoked bicycle wheels anyway so Idk how the disc mount came to be regarded as a mag wheel thing.
I know its good to have a "universal" engine sprocket mount, and beach cruisers generally don't have a set of six disc brake mount holes for us to use, or if they do, they still don't have any room for both disc mounted top hat and a disc rotor (which must be moved left (outboard) by five or six millimeters in order to make room for the top hat that is directly on the hub, but thats because of the narrow O.L.D. of singlespeed beach cruiser frames. We can still have spoked bicycle wheels.

Personally I don't use use the six bolt rotor mount for anything other than the sprocket adapter, because my frame takes rim brakes anyway, and is awkward to convert to disc brakes: I have 3D dropouts, and trumpet-shaped curvy stays that limit clearance.
I already have decent rim brakes on fairly strong rims and a well balanced wheel spec, imho.
Certainly I don't have unstretched spokes, and imho my eyeletted bicycle rims are not close to ripping, or collapse from the crushing, of trying to get the necessary stretch into the gauge of spokes specced so they function as they are supposed to.
I have bicycle rims with bicycle gauge spokes on bicycle hubs because its a motorised bicycle and that's the "balanced equipment" that I believe in.

I wont change my spokes to motorcycle spokes on bicycle rims because of an adaptor that twists off the back edge of the spokes. I must be very weird and opinionated lol. (Well, its a forum so unopinionated wouldn't stand out much lol.)
I expect the use of ultra-heavy motorcycle and moped spokes, on bicycle rims, as a method to cope with a spoke-side twisting adaptor stresses only a few spokes very badly and unevenly, and that collapses rims, sending other unstressed unbent spokes through the rim tape and inner tube. But I don't know that! I never caused it to happen. I havent seen it.

I'm determined to believe that I am onto the best method of mounting a fixed rear sprocket from the LHS engine chain. I think most of us believe in our own method or path of development. I just wanted us to have a proper list of hats been made so far. Ended up sitting here writing a rant about that instead of getting into the details of the one I really know that I put together from three years ago!

I Improved it a little bit two years ago and couldn't work on at all last year bc I had that awful liver/pancreas/spleen/brain illness. 😭
But it doesn't touch ANY spokes. So it doesn't push on the sides of any spokes. It pulls straight from the bends and evenly on all the spokes just like the bike's original power train only fixed for the bump start. It uses the strong 6-bolt disc mount which can take huge shocks and stresses like a only a disc brake can deliver.
Massive acceleration or deceleration, or rather changes in speed. More force than the engine can apply. We can all flip the front wheel doing a rollback (fakie, to flick it around) on the bmx ramp and easily do an endo or accidentally put ourselves OTB, or deliberately press the eject button to OTB and clear a car hood or windshield using our front disc brake. Would we even try that with anything spoke mounted??!
I'd like to cover that in my next post. I have just spent to long on this rant and will have to come back to it. In fact I think I might have to delete this post from the thread and repost this into off-topic because it was! I'll replace it with a proper description of the original and mk2 double supported 6-bolt disc rotor mount to rear sprocket adapter "6bdrmtrsa" or next year you can call it dead Bob's adapter OR ANYTHING lol. Im happy as long as it gets a decent description of how it worked (or didnt) and as long as it doesn't get completely forgotten from the technology that we had previously.