Forum stalker ready to say hello. New Hampshire (need help with documentation)

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    Well, Hello everyone.
    I have been lurking for a few months now and am finally ready to come out of the closet.
    I sold my motorcycles a couple of years ago and hate the gas mileage of my chevy astro (wish I still had one of my vw buses). But New England winters dictate that I need 4WD for my family of 5.

    I recently bought a motor kit off of craigs list for $100 and a mountain bike for $40. So I am already doing well by the frugal standards. :grin5:

    This is my first build and I have a feeling it will not be my last. In the next couple of days I will build the bike and get it registered (I hope). The only problem is that it is a 66cc engine witch is illegal in NH for "moped" purposes.
    I am hoping to peel off the sticker and say it is a 49cc. I could just use some help with some sort of printable manual or something from a 49cc engine to show them that my engine does meet code. I don't need to go fast with this bike, I only need to climb a big 2 mile hill to work every day.

    That is it for now, glad to be here,

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    What? Who needs to see what? You're riding a bicycle, you don't go deal with DMV
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    Yes kraznos, unfortunately I do. Our state motto is " Live Free Or Die!" but to live free we must pass judgment....:rolleyes7:
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    If you have been lurking here very much then you know most riders experience is that the cops don't care unless you are being dangerous. I would ride it as is till you get stopped and then see if the cop is insistent on getting everything legal. You are less likely to get stopped if you have lights on it and you wear a helmet.
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    In MS. mine has to be registered, insured and tagged as a motorcycle. I've got a 66cc. Also have to have a motorcycle lic as well, wear a DOT helmet, the whole nine yards. I know when I register it I have to have the bill of sale for the frame and the motor. So... I can't tell them it's a 49cc which really wouldn't make a difference except it would be a moped. States are different. Oh yes.... welcome by the way.
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    Look up and read your local laws. Yes for the most part cops in many states won't brother you. But if you're not within the guidelines of what your state defines as motorized bicycles/mopeds then you'll always be taking a chance of getting a ticket. If your state has an automatic transmission requirement you won't be allowed to have a manual clutch either.
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    Thanks for this post. I've told other Mississippi riders this and they didn't want to believe it. The way your state sees it is if you cause a wreck they want you to be able to pay for it.
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