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    Hi everyone,

    My name's Anton an I am the new guy who has taken over the forum from Tom! I will be doing all the behind scenes work to keep everything running. I have always been interested in bikes and have ridden BMX, Mountain Bikes and Motorbikes all my life. I have always had my eye on Motorized bikes.

    My first motorized bike build was a BMX with a whipper snipper motor on the back. I welded it all up myself and when I went to try it out the motor started and then the main drive shaft snapped basically straight away. The main drive shaft was a modified bike axel and it took me hours of grinding to make it fit properly so I was devastated when it snapped and I never continued with that bike. I live in Australia and the laws are pretty strict here but I am keen to do another build!

    The site has already been moved to a new faster server with dedicated resources which means there should never be any problems with anything running slowly. I am also looking into upgrading the forum software along with changing the colour scheme to something a little nicer.

    This forum is such a good place with so much information and some really decent people. I look forward to working together with everyone to keep this place the great place that it is and also improve it to make it even better!