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  1. adb140275

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    ...On the side of the road! i had ordered my engine kit, and didnt know what sort of bike i would be using. my friend, Adam (bigtrucker2007 on the forum) called me and said there was a bike on the side of the road (by the trash cans and under other various things) in his neighborhood, perfect for an engine. all it needs is a rear innertube. eventually a couple of new tires, and some cruiser handlebars will be added. everything is in working order and is in great shape. its like new.

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  2. Al.Fisherman

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    Good find, you'd be surprised how many bikes are out there "FREE" just for the asking. We needed parts, and I didn't feel like driving 40 miles and buying new. I put a want ad on Craigslist and they called me.
  3. Sterno666

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    That's a nice looking bike! I like that color. When I get my engine broken in, running right, and setup how I like I'm planning on giving her a makeover. I'm debating between a vintage rat-rod look or the General Lee.....

    That orange may have just tipped the scales....or maybe I should build a 2nd bike.....
  4. RedBaronX

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    do the General Lee, or at least do that one first... rat rods seem somewhat common
  5. Sterno666

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    That orange did tip the scales.

    Hazard County here I come!
  6. I found the bike I put my motor on in the ditch across the road. None of the locals owned so I called the police, they picked it up. About two months later they called up and said they were going to bring it to my house cause we found it.

    I don't have any pics of before I put the motor on, so this is the day after I first put it on.

  7. Esteban

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    Orange !!! Add some blue to it & it can be a U.F. Gator Bike.
  8. Bean

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    nice find,that is a cool orange.the general would be neet.
  9. ibdennyak

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    Wish I wasn't colorblind. :confused:
  10. adb140275

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    heres mine with the engine installed. your ditch find is a lot better of a bike than mine, lol.

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  11. domino

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    Nice looking wheels...Check and recheck everything. Once again...Nice looking build!
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