Found a neat bike

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  1. The wife and I stopped at ARC to look around. I went out in the compound and found a little BMX 20" bike with a good piston fork and substantial stabilizer bracket. Otherwise it looked like c--p:-/. I got it for 5 bucks and threw it in the trunk. When I got home I realized it had a pair of alloy rims, good calipers, 48 spoke wheels, and a 4-bolt gooseneck holding cossbar BMX bars. Additionally, a lever cam seat height adjuster and nice alloy brake handles and cables. I can't get ready for the white tires :ack2:although there was a new one with it still wrapped in plastic, but the tubes hold air. Tomorrow I study the rear wheel to see if it will replace the 36 spoke one on the 20" Schwinn/ B&S model N. It would go well with the 48 spoke one already on the front. Now I have to decide whether to leave the Stingray front fork on it or the new plunger job.:confused:
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