Found a new lighting system for happy time engines

Discussion in 'Spare Parts, Tools & Product Developement' started by fastboy9, Mar 27, 2008.

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    That is a good idea...and one someone with access to the internet and a Radio Shack could accomplish on their own.
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    Ive been watching this e-bay link for for 3 months. It always says "coming soon" Ive tried to contact them once about it with no response. It looks like a great idea! maybe I should try to contact them again.
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    Man that guy must be slower than me...he said "This product has been undergoing test for the past 2 years (on and off). A very promising solution has finally been discovered and tested during the past 3 months"
    Interesting to see the price & thanks fastboy for the info.
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    It sounds like what some of our guys were working on here on this forum; check out the threads below...
  6. Forget me using the white wire. Why would I want to take some spark away from the engine just so I can see LOL.
    I would go with a generator with a little bit bigger spin wheel so I don't burn it out. Yes THAT can go with the battery.
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    The white wire shouldn't pull any power from the CDI. I'll need to check, but they should be seperate taps on the stator.