found an old girl :)

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by HeadSmess, Jul 25, 2013.

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    weeee, an engine, an engine :)

    i love chainsaw engines that are free.

    shame its spent who knows how long out in the rain and the cold and the dark and the howling winds :(


    no idea what it is. looking to be a mcculloch cp55.

    shes old :)

    im hoping i can get these rings out in one piece cus thats about all thats wrong with the engine!

    carbie is another story. i see a walbro going on shortly...

    points ignition :) heh heh heh.

    and then, this is gunna make for some friction drive :)

    should have taken a pic while it was in one piece...

    PICT0464 (Large).jpg PICT0456 (Large).jpg PICT0458 (Large).jpg PICT0463 (Large).jpg