Centrifugal found centrifugal clutch. for my bike?

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    i found this on ebay, and i have a little china two stroke. the listing doesnt show how to install it on a bike, and i wasnt sure if it could on mine. its a grubee skyhawk. how would installing this be done? is there a video of anyone doing this anywhere? also i see lots of pull starters for "80cc" or "50cc" or "66cc" bikes, are they all the same and will they all work? (assuming it clears the pedals)
    is this
    different than this?

    they look different, one has four little nubs on inside and another has two little grabby thingys that look spring loaded.

    also, any help finding out which pedals/cranks i should use to clear the engine would be of great use :)

    specialized hardrock bike

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    You more then likely will not be able to run a pull starter with out going to a wider crank. I know mine would not fit on with out one. From my experience with pull starters they are not very durable at all so I went back to peddling to start does not take much.
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    I love the pull start. I've heard a lot of opinions not in favor but I will never go back to peddling to start my bike lol.
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    I rather peddle to start mine as a pull starter is just something else to mess up. When I was first starting to get mine ready to start I had a pull starter just to head cycle but the NEW pull starter lasted about 3 pulls before it broke. I do not have a problem peddling to start mine do othes have the much problem starting them?
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    pull starting is only a secondary topic as the primary topic was having an automatic clutch (centrifugal clutch) also, i cant imagine it could be that complicated to measure the amount of string the pull starter comes with, and then get higher quality string and replace it.
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    and the benifit of a cvt clutch is that you dont need to fiddle with the clutch lever, or have to adjust the flower nut, clutch arm, clutch cable, bucking bar, bucking ball, and all of that. ive just gotten my bike to work properly without having to readjust the cable after every ride. and i still carry a backpack with tools in it.
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    The rope was not my problem on the one I had that lasted two or three pulls. If all you have is a pull starter to crank I sure would not rely on the pull stater. If you have a centrifugal clutch you cannot pedal to crank so you have to have a pull starter. My self I like to keep it simple and have less to break. But that is just I.


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    I found cvts don't last long thats on pocket bikes the v belt slip and burnout
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    its not a cvt, its a centrifugal clutch. centrifugal clutch allows you to engage the engine without using a clutch, cvt allows the engine to automatically change gears. although they may be used in conjunction, they are indeed two different entities from what i have gathered. though, i dont doubt that a rubber belt would slip and burn out without proper lubrication or if its cheap, both are likely to be the case.
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    also, wow i didnt realize the pull starters were THAT cheaply made, though that pull start looks different than the ones ive seen.
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    So I'm a little confused, does this pull start also contain a centrifugal clutch? I am still learning about clutches, sorry about the newbie post.