found electric + pull start 2 stroke kit!

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by jatgm1, May 23, 2016.

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    It makes 4hp and is supposed to be pretty good. Here's a price on Bikeberry

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    If you take stock in claimed HP ratings you are kidding your self! Yes I want someone to buy one and let me know how good it is. I always let others be the guinea pig and it has paid off. Coarse not telling how much HP is eaten up with all the extra weight.
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    They are only at most another 15ish pounds, that's not enough to kill an extra 2 horsepower
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    Do some reasearch and see how much 15 pounds eats up. When I was racing I know what weight does and when you have motors this small it even means more. Once again if you take too much stock in claimed HP you're kidding no one but yourself. I say buy one and let us know how it works for you. I have no problem starting my engines and never have so I do not need more weight and more things to tear up. Just my two cents but we all have our opinion.
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    15 pounds is 6kg so if I take off my shoes and hat it's gone problem solved
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    could you direct me to a link for it? on bikeberry? also, are any of the parts for it the same as the grubee style engines?
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    this is actually more of an information gathering thing, i already built my bike and put it up on craigslist, so once it sells ill start start making another. chances are i'll use that engine, however this is conditional to confirming that i can find replacement parts. which i dont believe easily can at the moment. i just clicked "ask question" on the engine kit and asked for them to put a parts diagram on on the page and a link to replacement parts. we'll see if they answer or not. if they do and the parts are available then my next build, which will most likely be a cruiser type so i can use wider cranks without affecting the stock gearing system, will most likely include that "bullet train" engine.
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    well, 6.8 kilos, so morelike 7kg

    2.2lb per kilo - worth committing to memory folks.

    "a 22 will kill u" - say it 3 times, it may help.
  11. Well here it is guys iv had this kit for about a month of non stop riding and blasting music my bike features a head light, horn, and a 1000 watt boss audio system that will cause hearing loss and lots more to come and none of this robs my engine of power.

    This engine is very diffrent it is 70cc the crank is smaller (pocketbike cag motor small)compared to the old motors. Barley any vibration ill post pics if it doesnt rain today
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    this is fantastic! can you determine if the cylinder is the same size as the grubee by chance? or is it actually a 70cc bore? or the same size as anything else you've seen? also, have you had any starter issues, electric or pullstart?
    *edit - if the starter or anything fails could you pull it off and take a bunch of pictures? pullstart assembly as well. starting a thread that details how these things work and what the parts are can make it easier to repair them in the future.
  13. I tried to fit a 66 jug on it and it wouldnt fit past the rings

    I use the electric start alot only problem i have is the battery its a shitbox lasted 2 days
    So i replaced with a 12v12ah ebike battery old one was 7.5ah

    The pullstart is tricky see you cant just yank it. Be gentle till you feel it grab then pull it hard

    But all in all it was well worth it
    Soon im going to tear it down and look at the insides(when i get the same kit in the mail just incase a break or lose something)

    HORSEPOWER is what everyone wants and this doesnt have it with the stock exhaust pipe i put a nise moped pipe on it and wow i could say its got 4 HP just with a old moped expantion chamber.
    Also its gear reduction is alot more then the old motors my bike with a 10t-48t on 26" wheels goes 31.6 mph but it gets there fast(old engine would go 36ish.
    Iv also tryed a 36t and still the same speed i believe the clutch slipps to much to be geared for speed

    Could you post that link to your thread about these id like to post on it with info as time goes by
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    I've had a Zelda for months, the factory sent me one.
    Little about it is compatible with your typical 2-stroke.
    It's a 1 piece jug, no head.
    It actually is 70cc measured.
    Decent dual front and rear motor mounts keep in place well.
    Good power to the ground.
    And it creates it's own power for a battery/light system.



    There are pics before I mounted a 12V battery on the rack so we just used the pull start.

    Now for the Cons...
    The electrical system is a nightmare of connections going to a big box, I put mine just under the gas tank on the right.
    The pull start failed after ~50 pulls and you can't get a replacement.
    I hooked up a 12V and it ran great for a couple of weeks and then it failed too.

    Mine has been sitting for months in a corner unable to be started and no parts to fix it.

    My full report is here

    I know it sounded like a dream engine...
    Cent clutch, pull start, electric start, and on-board 12V for lighting.
    Too bad they cheeped out on all those parts that matter.
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    good report, kc
  16. All electric parts are standard chinese dirtbike/quad parts i have researched it myself simle 50$ wire harness and electric starter motor costs $23-$40.
    The pullstart is fragile if not used right(like any pullstart). iv found several parts for pocket bikes you just have to mix and match but they work iv tryed it im waiting for the stock pullstart to break before i replace it iv used mine about 100 times still no issues you must pull slowy till its grabs then yank it if you dont do that any pullstart will break if you yank it without it locked up first but we ve only got 2 people that have used this. So overall quality may defer.
    We all know china well for there "quality" of almost anything they make
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    Thanks bud.
    I had high hopes of building a 5-speed internal shifter using this engine but I see no sense in it now.
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    look under the other posts i have, its another post just like this except with a lot more information.
  19. Ill see if i can find it thank you

    Heres my bike
    20160920_124731.jpg 20160920_124749.jpg 20160920_124804.jpg
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    wow, it looks quite professional. tell me if there are any problems, it would be good to know. pinpointing the issues is a good first step to determining if the engine is of high quality.