found hole in crank case, Can this be fixed ?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Marhsall, Jul 12, 2016.

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    Fuel line came off while in Walmart. Found gas in oil, Took off crank cover and found this. Sadly. Anyone experience this and know how one would go about fixing it. So far I've fill and cover with a few layers of JB Weld as I don't have a welder.

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  2. Frankenstein

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    Is this a 2 stroke engine or a 4,looks foreign to me (I 2.stroke it all day long baby)

    Edit: I see, gas in the oils, must be 4 stroke, I got no answer sorry but I wish you good luck.
  3. Tauseef

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    that is strange !

    I hope if it is filled with the compound that seals metal leaks it will stay there. People here use it on their bike engines alot. MAGIC DEPOXY STEEL

    find its local version and it will work

    rub clean surfaces, remove oil, sand paper the surfaces, clean and apply it such that it fills and partially comes out from both sides.
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    can you send me a link to that product because i cant find it online anywhere.
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