Found in a barn. Wings Double Eagle?

Discussion in 'Antique Motorized Bicycles' started by steeltoe, Aug 23, 2010.

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    Hi all, I'm lending a hand to my pop with finding info on his bike. He tells me it has "Wings Double Eagle" and "Goodyear Rubber" company stamped on it. I searched this site and the interwebs but came up empty.

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    Nice find... That can be fixed up to be one fine ride..
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    Looks like it has an OLD whizzer motor on it too.
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    The closest I could find is that it may be around a 50 model. There is one on sale currently (without the obvious whizzer motor:goofy:) here: It has the tank that was probably taken off for the whizzer application, you might add columbia to your search words. It might bring you closer to answers. Hope this helps a tad bit more to answer your original question.

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    The "Double Eagle" bicycles were marketed in 1941 by Goodyear. It's not a Columbia-built frame, but actually a Colson frame. After WWII the same bike was sold by Colson as the "Colson Deluxe". It is sporting a Whizzer "H" engine which would be from 1946-48. The seat is definitely not original to the bike.
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    I could only find columbia frames.....hoping that it helps with the search, what is the difference between the columbia and colson frames?
    My attention was also on the forks.....they did not match the 41.
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  8. KilroyCD

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    Forks can be swapped around, as I have several bikes with aftermarket forks on them. As the forks on that bike are a type of springer, it's very possible that the forks were switched sometime during the life of the bike. The top of the line version of Double Eagle did have a springer fork (of a different design), but not all did.
    However, the real clues lie in the frame itself, the loop-style chainstay / seat stay arrangement was not used by very many makers. Huffman is the other maker that comes to mind on that. The chainring (or front sprocket) is definitely Colson as well.
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    Thanks for the replies! My pop scored this find and most likely will sell it. I've got two motorcycles and two bicycles in my garage already so I can't do anything with it.:grin5:
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    Where are you from?