Found Motor and Bike Pieces in Box!

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by Fast Shag, Oct 25, 2014.

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    So My neighbor told me he found a bike and motor in a tweeker made box on wheels in a storage shed he bid on....I had to take a look at it. $60 later I have a new build! It was exactly how he described it... A Phat cruiser in pieces with motor on frame all tucked into a wooden box on wheels. The motor is all rusted, but turns. All the hardware has been replaced, I think it's a 66cc but how do you tell from a 49? (never seen a 49cc) The front forks and wheel have a disc brake, paint is nice, and all the pieces are there! The rear wheel with sprocket looks new, but the 44 tooth sprocket was bent and lopsided. I used the rim on my bike today; melted my rear hub this morning, and I'm planning to build this new bike for my girlfriend using parts from her other Burning Man bike.

    The motor looks like it's been tweeked on a bit. There are two gaskets each for the head and lower jug! That's gotta go! Haven't seen the clutch yet, but I'm thinking this motor is fairly new. I'm betting the tweeker that had this kept throwing the chain, crashed, and torn the bike apart.

    I'm going to use the front forks and disc wheel for my bike, change out with the killer grips on it, gas cap has a skull on it, and use the rest for another build. Not bad for $60 bucks!!! :grin5: