Found some extra speed drilling holes in the exhaust baffles

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by Bronzebird, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. Bronzebird

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    I had lost the muffler screw for the inside baffles. And the baffle was hanging on with one screw and no nut. So I pulled on it with the screw removed and it came out. I decide to drill two holes on the upper and lower baffle walls. Ended up drilling 4 holes on each surface for a total of 8 holes at 1/4" or 5mm. The performance on my breaking rides were meek. With a break-in speed of 15-20mph. Today it was hard to keep it below 20 mph. Response from half throttle to full throttle is a major improvement with modified exhaust. The stock pipe seems to be tuned as a Rev limiter with the back pressure. So cruising at 18 mph sounds like I'm hold the dogs back. Twist of the grip and the dogs are barking loud and she revs...This is my 6th ride and the rich oil seems not to interfere with performance. Plug fouling may happen...but I do not lug the motor at low rpms and she idles at a stop like a kitten.
    2 holes per baffle is probably enough and may lower the noise level. But cars definitely can hear me NOW!!

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    I love it when dogs chase me, especially when the little ones are on retractable leashes.
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    Are you running all stock?

    My goal is to increase available power and not top speed. The power band with stock gearing is just fine for some off road trail riding on abandoned logging road trails.
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    you need to do some compression increasing. you will have some more power.
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    Ummm...stock bearings and compression ratios are cool for now. I'm shooting to get some high mileage on stock motor. Should new rings, piston, bearings be rebuilt I would consider higher compression ratios should performance kits be available??
    Have you found any links?