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Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by Hal the Elder, Dec 19, 2008.

  1. Hal the Elder

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    Can't Find That Picture...


    There's a picture somewhere on this Forum (I think) of a middle-aged man riding a Whizzer along an open road through the countryside, with the bike loaded down with saddlebags, with the caption saying he's headed on a long road trip.

    I've got to find that post, because that bike has something on it that I want to order from Mike or Quenton!

    I'll explain:

    In the years 1948 thru 1951 (before I got my first car at age 16 in 1952), we kids rode stripped-down Schwinn bikes. We removed or bobbed the fenders, removed the chain guard, the headlight if any, and all the other "goody-goody" sissy stuff that we wouldn't be caught dead having on our bikes. The Girls rode bikes with all that stuff, but not us!

    But above all, we removed those corny, dumb-looking stock handlebars (like the ones on the Whizzers), and put on RISERS!

    Whenever we saw a kid riding a "full dress" Schwinn with all the trappings, including Lights, Horn, Mud Flaps, etc, we'd usually knock him off his bike and rough him up a bit. He would then either avoid our "bicycle rat pack" or learn to strip down his bike too!

    This Whizzer I've seen somewhere on this forum had the exact handlebars that we used to install on our "killer" bikes, but I've never been able to find them in bike shops or among the dozens of bars I've seen in online catalogs.

    How I drool when I see those vintage bars...there are no bars as cool as those, and I want a pair for Oscar!

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  2. uncle_punk13

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    Do you remember any details of the bike? What was the part you wanted?
    Just trying to help...
  3. KilroyCD

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  4. Hal the Elder

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    No, Kilroy...

    ...those bars are just as dumb-looking!

    The bars on that road-cruising Whizzer are graceful and heroic at the same time...exactly like the bars we installed 57-60 years ago. There was nothing like them!

    The Niagara Bicycle Works and all the other big bike parts companies came close on a couple pairs out of the dozens they had in stock, but nothing like those bars in the picture!

    I'll keep looking for that picture post!
  5. srdavo

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    don't get too close, kilroy.... he just may knock you off your bike!!
    :p :p :smilielol5:
  6. KilroyCD

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    Gee whiz, I thought they looked good. Boy, that makes me feel like :9898:


    Just kiddin'
  7. Hal the Elder

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    I Apologize!


    I'm sorry...I did not intend to disparage your offering of's just that no handlebars I've ever seen were as cool as those bars we had in the old days AND the bars on that elusive picture! I'll keep looking!

    I've GOT to have bars like that on my MotoredBike before I die!

  8. uncle_punk13

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    similar to these kustomized units? And don't insult my bike...:grin5:
    Good Luck finding what you need...

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  9. KilroyCD

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    No offense taken Hal, I posted that tongue-in-cheek. I've been looking for a good opportunity to use that "pile of poo" emoticon. :grin5:
  10. uncle_punk13

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    similar to these kustomized units? And don't insult my bike... :grin5:
    Good Luck finding what you need... I'm sure they're out there.

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  11. Hal the Elder

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    Nice Pics, Uncle Punk!

    Nice bike, but those are not those "magic" handlebars I want.

  12. KilroyCD

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    How about a pair like these?

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  13. Bars? we don't hang around in Bars!

    Hmmmmm, well, the bars on the OD green bike Kilroy showed are pre/post war Torringtons. I have several of those in Origional OD Green if anyone needs them NOS and stunningly different!

    I have no Idea what Hal is looking for, tho I can get Wald bars. I do not know what era he's talking about, so I dunno what to say there. I currently have "Half-Moon" bars on my 05 and Model 09.

    I dunno what I'm gona put on the new 24 inch stretch-cruiser. The Luxury Liner (circa 1953) has moon bars, BUT I'll need to change them, or cut down the reach, as my knees hit them in corners (cotton-pickin Dangerous!).

    Saaaayyyy.......Whzt 24" stretch-Cruiser???

  14. uncle_punk13

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    well can you describe the rise and bend at all? It's so hard to picture... um are you talking about apehanger type bars, you know the hi-rise units from the muscle bike era?
  15. Hal the Elder

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    Hey Mike:

    I looked through the Wald catalog and the Niagara Bicycle Works catalog, and they had a few pairs that were close, but not the exact style I want.

    If I could only find that picture...I think I clicked on the little red spot to bring it up.

  16. KilroyCD

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    Don't mean to hijack the thread, but...

    Actually Mike, they are wartime military contract Torringtons, and mine were also NOS. Alas, I've run out. How much do you charge for a pair in case I need one for an upcoming resto?
  17. Hal the Elder

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    They Were Not Apehangers...

    ...but they had a mild, graceful rise, maybe 7 inches, with no severe bends.

    The curves were just graceful perfection!

    We were using the bars in the era I mentioned...1948-52, but I recall seeing them in later years too.

    Kilroy's picture was close, but not like the picture I'm trying to find.

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  18. KilroyCD

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    Another try

    Hal, are they like the Ram's Horn bars on this Shelby Airflo?

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  19. uncle_punk13

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    This is kinda fun...
  20. Hal the Elder

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    Not At All Like Those Rams Horns!


    The bars in the previous pic you posted were not far off, however...

    HAL (still lookin')