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    I found this on craigslist today, posted by a DMV person, is this right? Mine is registered with a moped type CA plate, which you pay $18 for and its good as long as you own the bike.

    This information is 100% false.
    I work for the CA DMV.
    A Schwinn Whizzer motor displaces 138CC and produces 6.5 HP. It easily exceeds the 30MPH limit.
    Schwinn Whizzers require annual registration, liability insurance and M-2 license.
    ALL Gas powered motorized bikes require atleast a M-2.
    Gas Powered Motorized bikes under 2 HP and cannot exceed 30MPH require a one time registration for $18, display a plate but no insurance.
    is an electric bike that cannot exceed 20MPH and less than 1000W
    If you ride a Whizzewr without plates, license and insurance your fines will easily exceed the cost of the bike.
    Section 406a covers Gas Power Motorized Bikes
    Section 406b covers electric bikes
    HUGE difference in the requirements.
    Check this out at

    Robert Faust
    Redwood City, CA

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    It's mainly right but I really doubt if they work at the DMV
    or maybe they do as very few DMV drones know the mb laws.

    The CA license plate fee is $19 now or maybe higher?
    Whizzers were not made by Schwinn
    An unmodified restricted intake and exhaust Whizzer made 1.9 HP from
    the factory.

    If a Whizzer made over 2 HP it would need a M1 license as it would be a
    motor assisted cycle.
    An M2 license is only for mopeds, motorized bicycles and gopeds

    tn the real world you could easily get away with riding a Whizzer
    like a motorized bicycle except for a few cities.

    The rest of what they said is true.

    Also a DOT helmet is required on a motorized bicycle with a ~$300
    fine for not wearing one.

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    Thanks for the clarification on that.
    Robert Faust
    Redwood City, CA