Four stroke 4G Kustom Stretch build

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  1. This is where Im at so far, tried to use the adjustable plate with a V platform ,wasnt happy with it , this way I got the motor as far back as I could without fouling the chain .
    I like not having the 8 bolts that screw into the alloy ends of the adjustable plate , they strip too easily and would have to be checked too often .
    couple more gussets to weld up on the plate ends ,so far so good .

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  2. Heres the finished Bike , went for a spin down the road and was quite impressed with the pulling power of the Hausheng 4G combo , dont really have to pedal much to get underway .
    I have plans to fabricate a tank ,but Im going to check out some tanks at the local dismantlers as soon as I can , the pedal chain sometimes gets a bit of vibration goin on , thinking two chains could be better ,then I should be able to get the motor lower in the frame , tho like I said she rides good , maybe Ill try a few chain tensioners .

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    Very impressive mate, What frame have you modified? I like the look of the motor I gather its got all the cowling and cooling fan removed? Is it possible to use the front 'triangular' section of the frame as a tank?


    p.s love the bars (i had a set on my trike :) )
  4. Thanks Bud , yeah Been thinking about the top of the frame , But I really would like to make a slim line twin tank , like a thirties Indian .
    Im hearing its not good to run these motors without the cowling so I will be doing the safe thing till someone can convince me its ok otherwise , made the frame from two Micargis , a Puma and a Prado Deluxe .
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    Very cool !! I agree would be sweet if ya could use front triangle or better yet the top bar as a tank. Great build.

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    Obviously the cowling provides better cooling perhaps find the manufactures
    recommended operating temps, then pick up a cheap temp monitor and keep an eye on it, if it stays within the specified range don't worry about the cowling, they definatly look better without, i think as the motor is in direct air flow it will get adequate cooling, aren't motors like this usually used in stationary situations hence the need for forced cooling?

    Second thoughts on using the triangle, i forgot there would be vent holes in the head tube to let
    the welding gas escape, would be difficult to fill, the double tank idea sounds interesting, look forward to seeing
    more on of luck..OH an Murwillumbah wheres that near i have never heard of it?

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  7. The temp gauge is the way to go ,Ill have a look for something today , I was thinking that being in full airflow is a better situation than sitting stationary and running for long periods ,
    Murwillumbah is just south of the QLD border , between Tweed heads and Byron Bay , I spent a lot of my life in WA .
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    I was thinking mabe one of the pc temp monitors might suffice, i was unable too find the one i have its a small box about the size of a matchbox, only thing im not sure if they are good for high temps like the motor will get too

    Alternatively one of those wireless probes you point at the object you wish to measure the heat of, i have no idea what they are called i have seen them used in the rc circles to measure motor temps.

    Murwillumbah ...My son was over in Byron Bay not long ago, he would of fit in well there he has dreds down to his *** crack and a spliff permanently hanging out his gob LoL

  9. Yeah dont go down to Byron if I can help it ....Mur/bah is more straight redneck , the Hippies all hide up in the hills .
    Im keen to lose the cowling , a temp gauge would be nice ,If I can find something to mount close to the motor .