four stroke black star motorized push bike

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  1. stormcoming

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    hi there guys i recently purchaced this black star 4 stroke motor kit from ebay and have had lots of trouble with it... its belt driven (very thin belt to i might add) it was going great for a few weeks then started to notice it buckles the rear wheel and has something rong with the clutch now also lol... im hopeing there is someone out there who may be able to advice me on where i can get it fixed im from sydney australia (blacktown) i noted that heathyoung had an old post hopeing your still there mate if so can you give me some advice cheers

  2. Dave C

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    Hi and welcome :) You're in luck in that respect, there are many here who are fellow Aussies. I have a 2 stroke bike and can't help you with the bike but I'm sure others will help out..
  3. PatrickW

    PatrickW Staff Member about a photo of the beastie, and some particulars on the problems you are having? Those would help a lot. Also, who makes this 'black star' wonder? It may just be a few stars short of a full constellation, or half way into a 'black hole', just outside of 'Blacktown'...(sorry, couldn't resist.)

    Seriously, send along a photo and description of what specific problems you are having...K?
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  4. stormcoming

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    yeah hi patric

    thanks for the post i will take some pics as soon as i can get the thing back lol it broke down on me this morning geting to work was lucky enough to get a shop keeper to look after it for me till tomorrow....lost a main bolt of the mounting set up and snaped the spindled running the belt lol might be in the black hole soon
  5. Dave C

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    Bolts backing out.. try using Blue Locktite. The red has to be heated to get it to release. The blue lock up with no air so when you need to remove just loosten as normal. But the blue can save you a lot of grief:ack2: