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Four stroke engines for bicycles, anyone on this forum got one? At the moment i have a 60cc chinese 2 stroke and it's fine for the moment, but eventually i'd like a 50cc 4 stroke preferably belt drive, i've been searching the net, and have found quite a few, but they are very expensive, can anyone recomend any companies and brand names for engine kits (4 stroke) I believe CMI in china sell both 2 and 4 stroke kits but they wont reply to my emails unfortunately, any help much appreciated. :D
Dennis at Golden Eagle said he shipped a pallet of 4 strokes to somebody in Oceania, I think Australia, but not positive.

He does charge premium, but the service is excellent, and the problems few and far between.

The belts keep getting better and better, with more Kevlar and deeper grooves.
i just got the 32 cc kit from them ( GEBE) and used it last week. this thing is super cool. about 30 on the flats, and about 10 or 11 on the steepest hills. i think that with the cost of the new chinese kits ( 4cycle ) it will be worth the 549.00 price tag.
Thankyou both for your replys, most helpful, i will take another look at golden eagle.
The Robins/Subura, 22 and 33 ccs are both 4 cycles. I have 3500 miles on the bike and engine since mid August. It runs strong and is very quiet. It is nice to be able to pull in a gas station and fill up.