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    Hi guys,
    I have been reading the forum for a week or two and have noticed that most
    are running 2 smoke chinese motors. It seems bolts hardware etc need to be
    upgraded. I was looking at this sites offerings of a four stroke. But don't want
    the same issues to arise. (Happy time and all) lol that made me laugh.
    They are very expensive and I am not rich. But I will be comunting 20 miles
    a day (round trip) and dont want quality probs. Any feedback on the robin
    engine kit would be great. I just dont want to waist the little money I have.

    edit: Also the drive system pulls on the spokes, that kinda scares me.
    I guess I'm looking for info on the total "kit" quality,

    Thanks All


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  2. sparky

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    I haven't bought a kit from GEBE yet, but you shouldn't need to replace anything in their kits. GEBE is considered the luxury kit around here... it's pretty much the tops.

    Good choice!
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    I have 3 Robin 35cc's. One as a test engine, one friction drive, and one coming belt drive (GEBE) Great quality engine. Little work horses. 4 stroke, easy starting. I dont own a Tanaka 2 stroke engine but I hear there great also. Ive owned plenty Happy Times, what can I say. Fun kits, not always reliable when you need then to be.
  5. sabrewalt

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    Rs 35

    My GEBE RS35 kit has been 100pct reliable for many months. My only reliability problem is with the bike itself. IE Tires, Brakes. The key to the GEBE systems reliability is the simplicity. A cheap bike will fall apart around that engine due to the speeds you are running but if you take care of those Robins engines, they will last a long time.
  6. loquin

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    Dave Staton's kits are also top-notch. Dependable, high-quality (non-china) motors, and quality hardware. I've bought two friction drives kits (one with Honda, one with mitsubishi,) plus other hardware, and have had no problem other than a defective kill switch, which he replaced. These motors do NOT need a lot of tinkering. They just run, and run, and run. Like the old Timex commercial, "they take a licking, and keep on ticking."
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    Good point man,i like David & he sells alot of great gear & he's trustworthy.
  8. Accender I have a Happy time and a 4 stroke Titan. Both run on sprockets that bolt on to the spokes. Contrary to popular opinion this is actually a very good connection. Get a 36 spoke rim for the least headaches.
    I do like my 4 stroke better than my 2 stroke for it's a lot smoother.
    But I ride my 2 stroke almost as much cause it's manly,yo.
    If money is tight,you can get by with a happy time 2 stroke frame mount. Not only is it the cheapest way to go if you take care of it you can make these things last.
    You can pay more and will generally get a better more reliable deal. You get what you pay for,but the Happy Time has worth.
  9. Jim H

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    If you go with a gebe kit, be sure to buy a 12ga spoked rear wheel, steel (about 35-40 bucks). Doing your homework before buying can save you a ton of money and headaches. I started with a happy time and spent lots of money and energy till cutting my losses and going with the gebe. Even then I spent lots more money on wheels until finding this forum and figuring it out. Check out rack mount and go a good ways back to Bamas posts to find good , economical solutions to wheels and stuff.
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    Statons chain driven kits use a double freewheeling hub if you are worried about spoke issues. He uses only American and Japanese parts and engines and everything seems well built and reliable. The only drawback is you'll either have to get a rim laced to the hub or pay him extra to do it. With the exception of the NuVinci kits all the other prices do not include a complete rear wheel. You'll have to ask him. Well worth it if you have the $buxx$
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    The GEBE kits are the Rolls-Royce of bike engine kits and to be honest pretty much outclass the chengines in all areas..

    If I had to make an apt comparison the Stanton is more the Austin 4-Litre R - good quality engine but harder to work on in some respects and more of a workhorse (and more adaptable in many ways).

    My personal ride is a 32cc two-stroke GEBE which is good for 33+mph and 22 or so miles to a tank and has as someone else has already said proved bombproof.

    If you are going for a frame mount kit I would look to one of the american manufactured ones or a 4 stroke based one - they are generally more espensive but less destroyable...

    hope that helped and happy biking...

    Jemma xx
  12. Accender

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    Thanks guys for the feedback. I will look at Dave Staton's kits as well. It seems his kits
    have a lot of good feedback here. And Jim H, thanks for the headsup on the 12ga spoke
    rear wheel. I was concerned with the spoke thing.

    Glad I found this Forum!!!!!

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    There is nothing better than Titans. Nothing... Period..
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    That is just an opinion. And you know what they say about opinions.
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    Well I ordered the GEBE 35cc today. Now I'm looking at the old horse I intend to put
    it on. Geez, lota hard miles on her. I'll wait but I can feel the new bike bug biting.
    Hadent planned on that..LOL.

    Funny thing, I paid with my credit card but got a e-mail receipt from paypal saying
    you paid GEBE x amount of $ to GEBE. "Thanks for using PAYPAL" I do have a very
    old paypal account but forgot the password. When I hit "complete transaction"
    on the gebe site it said " you have a paypal account please sign in" I did NOT, but
    Paypal sent me the receipt. No big deal but no e-mail "confirm" from GEBE.
    It's probobly ok but I hate (weird) stuff with money and the internet.

    Anyway I'm like a kid at Christmas and can't wait for my kit!

    Thanks for all the info and stuff helping me make this decision. You guys are great!

  16. Zev0

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    Accender, you will absolutely LOVE your gebe kit. Nothing, I repeat, nothing better, no matter what anybody says. As gemma said, the gebe is the Rolls Royce of motorized bicycle rack kits.
  17. sabrewalt

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    Gebe Vs Titan

    Me and Scott should have a kit-off. Ride each others Kits and report back here. I have a GEBE he has a Titan and we live about 10 miles apart.
  18. sawman

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    The GEBE kit's in my opinion are the best.i just sold my origanal redmax kit with 4 yrs of hard riding on it and still going strong.ive tried the china motors it's agood thing scrap aluminum is a buck a pound now.
  19. sparky

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    I'd love to hear both of your opinions on all matters relating to those two kits.
  20. Torques

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    A Chinese four-stroke better than a Japanese Robin Subaru? Hardly....:shock: