Four Stroking? Oil leak? Problem???

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Masor, May 30, 2011.

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    Hey all, I just did a whole clean out on my bike. I fired it up the other day and it ran great up until high RPM's and it started four-stroking all crazy!! It has not done this before. I have heard that the carb is not getting enough air and that's what causes it? And about the oil leak, when i take a look at the air filter, it's always soaked in oil! I clean it after every ride. It leaks out and settles on the engine. Can anyone help me out? I'll attach some pictures of the oil leaks. I know I need a new exhaust gasket.

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  2. Big Red

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    Oil leak

    Hey Masor,
    The Chinese 2 stroke engines are just dirty,dirty engines. Wipe it off. Or get a better carb and it wont do that. I run the same chinese carb's and yes, mine makes a mess too. as long as it does'nt keep dripping when not running.
    The one that got my attention was the leak in front. My opinion is you might be running oil rich, which is ok if you're breaking in a new engine. That exaust gasket REALLY needs to be replaced. The thing is, 2 strokes don't really burn gas very well. The unburned gas & oil will be blown out the exaust and you would never notice it. UNLESS you have a bad exaust gasket and it's blowing it out the bad connection and leaving a mess all over the cooling fins on your engine. Gaskets are cheap, replace it and see what happens.
    Big Red.
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    it looks more like you have a fuel leak than an oil leak.
    i would check the drain screw on the carb float bowl because those are notorious for leaking. A little teflon tape will seal it up. Also check the float bowl screws and the gasket...looks like it may be seeping fuel/oil out of the float bowl ehere it seals to the carb.
    the leak in the front is a simple fix. looks to me like you have a blown exhaust gasket and the extra oil is being blown out through the bad gasket.
    neither of my engines leak like this and to say that they are"dirty" engines is untrue.
    if you replace the gaskets with some good ones, andmake sure that you have no leaks anywhere you're engine will stay clean.
    my engines are as clean, or cleaner than the day i got them.(which was 2-3 years ago.)
    the reason for the 4 stroking can be a number of issues. but i see that you have what looks like black electrical tape wrapped around the intake tube where the carb slides on. that will not seal up an air leak. but an air leak will not cause 4 stroking.
    4 stroking is caused by too much fuel and not enough air in the air/fuel ratio.
    sometimes after an engine has some miles on it and it's broken in, you may have to play with the jetting. moving the jet needle clip really won't help you because the jet needle does nothing at w.o.t.
    you should get rid of that stock air filter and get a better high flow one for it.
    the filter getting oil and gas on it is normal because gas and oil are spit back out of the carb and into the filter on all of these engines. it's because of the intake port arrangement and there are no reed valves in these engines. reed valves would give you quite a bit more power, and no fuel wold be spit back out of the carb.
    it could be
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    Gas leak?

    Hey motorpsycho,
    Of course 2 strokes are dirtier, by nature, than 4 strokes. You say this is untrue, They stay clean. Then you go on to say they all spit gas & oil out of the carb. I'm not really trying to bust yer chops bro, but ya can't have it both way's. It either stay's clean or it spit's gas & oil. All of my Chinese engines spit out of the carb,(no fuel leak needed) And I also have clean engines, I wipe them off after every ride.
    I don't disagree with you about that exaust gasket at all. Chinese 2 strokes, or any 2-stroke, wont burn gas very well. unburned fuel mix will find any exit it can. Bad gasket = messy cooling fin's.
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    THAT ain't bad for a little popcorn popper!

    ...the four-stroking bit should be fixed. Need the right jet in there...

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    heres an easy solution you are running too rich its the same as mine im runing mine rich at the moment exactly that same problem why im runing rich because i just rebuilt my engine you also might have dirty fuel/old fuel and not mixed well
    hopem this helped
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    yes 2 strokes are "dirtier" than 4 strokes, but none of my 2 strokes look like that.
    they all do spit gas out of the carb, but if you clean your air filter from time to time there won't be enough built up on the filter to leak out.
    I may only have to wipe my 2 stroke engines down at the end of the riding season, not after every ride.
    I understand what you're saying and what i wrote doesn't really make sense, but my 2 strokes do not have oil leak issues at all.