Brakes Frame difficulties with 26" tires and drum brakes.

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by suntzutao, Aug 28, 2010.

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    Hey everyone, I have an interesting problem that has almost put me over the edge a couple of times now. I bought a 2010 Schwinn Corvette to motorize, thought a new bike might give me a fewer problems. (Uh NO. Did not do enough research, my bad. Overconfidence can bite you quick!) Anyway I got around the loop frame for the engine mount by having a friend with a machine shop make a custom mount. Found the answer to my sprocket problem here in the archives. Now I need to bend the frame where the wheel mounts to fit the drum brake on 26" balloon tires without pinching the brake and seizing the wheel! I am a bit nervous about putting a precision bend in the back of this frame as this is my first build. I bought a turn buckle to bend the frame out and it worked very good in spreading it evenly. I think I need another bend to allow the frame to tighten to the wheel evenly. I will supply pictures shortly, I have to get a new phone. The kit I used was the Phantom kit from and it has given me a major ache in the shorts with this bike. Any suggestions will be appreciated, including ones on the best kit for your money.

    Thank you everyone, will be posting the pictures today hopefully.

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    If you like cruiser style, might I suggest a bicycle with 7-speeds and front/rear v-brakes?:idea:

    It's simple, easy but costs $. You could sell your new bike and parts, then buy a used 7-speed cruiser cheap on craigslist.

    Just my opinion.
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    5-7 heaven,

    Thank you for the suggestion, I have thought of the exact same thing a few times. I will admit that my stubbornness has come directly to the fore on this one. I really like the style of the bike and its looks seem reminiscent of a 1909 Harley or an old Indian. I have to apologize for no pictures yet. AT&T has decided to mail my phone back to me due to warranty obligations.
    I have noticed that it looks like there may be mounts for V-brakes on the bike. (A conspicuous hole that looks like a mount for a brake anyways.) I believed that the one speed would be my simplest option, apparently not.
    I do believe my next bike I build will be a V-framed bike, with the brakes already attached.

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    Check these out:

    V-Brake Plate

    For $25 + shipping you can mount V Brakes on bikes that don't have V-Brake posts. I've found them very useful on old frames, and they can also be used to put V-Brakes on the rear of coaster brake bikes.

    I've got some of these on my bikes, so if you need measurements to tell if your tires will fit, PM me.
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    Jow San!

    Tinkering with motorized bikes is an evolutionary process, especially when there are no other riders nearby. I started cautiously, with electric hub on a girlie cruiser, then zapped it with 72volts for more power. Next came 1.6hp Subaru/friction drive on 20" Dahon folder, then 2.2hp Mitsubishi/gear drive on Dahon, then twin 2.2hp Mits, then 4.25hp engines and 2.8hp engines on shift kits.

    I used that hole to install a front brake. My bikes always had brakes, front and rear, sometimes THREE brakes. Now my fast bikes have dual disc brakes.

    Oh yes, front suspension fork, if you want to keep your groceries in the front basket. Otherwise, everything jumps out! lol
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    5-7 heaven,

    LOL, dude, I actually tried to get a set of manufactured springer front ends for my bike. Once again my awesome luck comes to the fore and the tree on my bike is one of the first of the larger 1 1/8" trees, instead of the original 1" trees that schwinn has used for the last 50 years. Sooooo, the evolution of my first bike will continue as a slow process. At least it is fun, I am looking forward to the finished bike. First born children always have a special place of course.
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    brake plate


    Thanks for the advice and the killer link. I want to get the drum brake to work, but it is looking like I will go with v-brakes for the sake of simplicity. It is a bit of a bummer as I had spent a few hours making an attachment for the drum brake to the frame that was in the shape of a stylized axe. (roughed out, not finished)
    The measurements that you would need, would that be the tire width, and the distance from frame to tire? Bear with me brother, real new at bike building. I did have the rear wheel custom built for me out of a tandem bikes wheel and laced according to the width of the axle. Figured over-engineering was a good idea as I am a 285lb guy.
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    V Brake Plate Measurements

    Attached a picture with inside measurements - hopefully you can get a feel for whether or not your tires would fit inside the plate.

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    You can get a set of old Mountain bike front shocks that is set up for v brakes and cut the "horse shoe" shape off and use the exsitng hole drilled in that horse shoe and mount it to the rear of your bike by using the hole that mounts the side pull brake or fender by runing a bolt thre those 2 holes. My buddy did that for his old crusier frame and works great. If you have access to a welder you can tac a few spots aswell instead of trying to fabricate the same bracate from scratch
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    My apologies for taking so long to respond. College just started and my wife and I take care of my grandmother. The picture is quite workable and thank you again. My bike build will be put on hold until the mid-year break.

    Have a good one.
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    Thank you for the input and the rather inexpensive way to set that up. My apologies for the long response time. I was planning on talking to the welding instructor at college to see what he would suggest as well. I will ride it one day.

    Ride safe.