Frame failure...anyone have any butter?



...'cause the Western Flyer is toast.

Randy the K and I went on a 50 miler yesterday and we noticed his chain getting loose. We tightened it and a half mile later it was loose again. We double checked the tensioner and it was fine. Hmmmmm- then I noticed this--

Didn't recall seeing those custom boogers before. A little closer look showed frame failure was causing the seatpost to sink and the frame to fold, loosening the chain. He nursed it home (yes, we officially did the 50 mile ride) and is out there as we speak getting schooled by the Murray Westport. Similar frame but with some welds at the joints instead of brazing......
I guess it could failed in worse places. Glad R the K dint lose any skin!! :)
Sounds like he's getting "service after the swap"....we can rebuild it...make it stronger.... :D
I, for one would like to know what companys built the store named models?
Western Auto? Flyer
Otasco? Flying O
Sears? I have a Spaceliner & a 24" 5 speed with a stick shift.

anybody have any info?

sorry Joe, dint mean to hi-jack your thread..... just curious.... we had a Flying O break at the head tube, about an inch away on the bottom tube.
any word on those schwinns??
I know a lot (but not all) of the Western Auto bikes were made by Murray as was this particular bike.

Also Sears bikes were Schwinn as well as others.

As for Randy the K....he's almost done, but the chain is too short since this frame is a little longer and the chain was cut down for it. (the Western Flyer) I sent my extra masterlink and spare links to a member here so he could finish his bike. Gonna go the the bike shop tomorrow and see if he has a 415 master, I do have one section 4 links long left, otherwise I'll take the chain off the military bike so Randy the K can ride to work.......
ironwarlock said:
there is not much of a weld there.

Nope, sure wasn't....and that's partly why I posted this- might be a good idea for those riding the "cruiser" type frames to have a look in that area.
a few extra pounds eg a china motor and a big old boy :whistle:Im only 122 kgs myself:giggle: